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Deepavali (Diwali) - the festival of lights

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One of the most popular nut/rice mixtures in India.


Yield 4 servings
Preparation time 3 hours (soaking dal)
Cooking time 20 mins
Main Ingredient Flaked rice


1/3 cup Chana Dal

1 1/4 cups cooking oil

2 teaspoons onion seeds (Kalonji)*

6 dry curry leaves

3 cups poha (flaked rice) *

2 tbs raw peanuts

2 tbs golden raisins (sultanas)

5 tbs sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tsp chili powder

2 ounces thin sev (lightly flavored chick pea flour strings)*

* Available Indian grocers...see below


  1. Rinse and soak the chana dal in a bowl of water for at least 3 hours.
  2. Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the onion seeds and the dry curry leaves and fry, stirring constantly, until onion seeds are crisp and golden.
  3. Add the poha (rice flakes) to the mixture in the pan and fry until poha is golden brown (be careful not to burn poha).
  4. Remove mixture from the pan (leaving some oil in the pan) and place on paper towels to soak up any excess oil.
  5. With the extra oil in the pan, fry peanuts, while stirring constantly.
  6. Add peanuts to the poha mixture. Mix well. Add raisins, sugar, salt and chili powder. Mix well. Mix in sev. Transfer to a serving dish.
  7. Reheat remaining oil in the pan and fry chana dal until golden brown. Add dal to serving dish and mix together.

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