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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

Make your selection from our researched list to find your cooking recipe.

The’ve created a complete source of inspiration for cake makers including loads of fun ideas, proven recipes and detailed tutorials. They have a team of creative and talented cake decorators, bakers, dessert enthusiasts, pastry chefs, and everything else that is sweet.

Above average selection of recipes from this Californian based cook.

Average Betty

One of the best blogs for USA & international recipes. Consistently rated in the top 10. Have a look!

The site for enjoying great breakfasts, covers many cuisines & nationalities. The definitive site!

           80 Breakfasts

A great site for vegetarian & healthy recipes.

An extensive list of healthy recipes from this popular site. The blog is by a practicing pediatrician in West Michigan, USA.  

           101 Cooking For Two - Everyday Recipes for Two

A very popular site from a genuine baker. The recipes and pictures are outstanding!

One of the most popular blogs, year after year, covering a diverse range of cuisines and seasonal recipes.


Great pictures & recipes for healthy living...one of the best! Good selection of special occasion recipes.

The Skinny Fork

Wow! So many choices. The recipe pictures are outstanding from this popular site. Definitely worth a look if only for the stunning photos!

The name says it all! Have a look, be tempted. Great recipes from this popular blog.

Hugs & CookiesXOXO

A great range of traditional recipes including festive occasions.

An outstanding range of heritage recipes passed down through generations.

Heritage Recipes

Sharing old family recipes and traditions

An outstanding site, fantastic pictures, appetizing recipes, healthy alternatives. Definitely have a look!

Fast, fabulous, no fuss recipes for busy cooks.

My Kind of Cooking

"BBQ and Grilling Blog, and BBQ and Grilling website are devoted to BBQ and Grilling easy recipes, BBQ and Grilling product reviews, BBQ and Grilling sauce reviews and ratings and BBQ and grilling news from around the world" Owners quote and they do a great job!

A "down to earth" site with some classic recipes and some more unusual (to me!) such as pig candy.. Go have a look.

Worth visiting just for the entertainment value. Great recipes by the way.

A genuine country approach to all things BBQ and Grilling. Would help if you have a farm or know someone who does! Great cooking tips. Want to know how to make your own sausages....then visit the site.

"Livefire cooking is about taking ordinary cooking and adding the flavor of fire to it, whether in high heat grilling, low heat smoking or indirect heat for baking. It’s about taking the primitive element of fire and harnessing it to make great food." Quote from site. The home page photos are a knockout! Even if you got lost and not interested in BBQ have a look. Mouthwatering Recipes.

This site has it all - BBQ Tips, Tricks and Recipes. Apart from the great recipes "Mister Bob" will answer your questions on any aspect of the grill/bbq.

A tasty selection of the best food truck recipes. Authentic recipes from the streets of the USA. Great photos and easy to follow instructions.

This is not a recipe site blog. The Pure Coffee Blog exists to help people find tremendous coffee and tea, both in their backyard and in their travels through the USA. So if you want a break from preparing coffee or tea at home I thought this maybe of interest.

An outstanding selection of recipes with great photos. Check out the sections on "Holiday Recipes", "Grocery Tips and "Common Food Substitutions"

"in medias recipe is where I'll be writing about cooking, recipe discovery, local haunts, and what I love most about food – how it brings people together." quote from author. A great selection of recipes that are sure to be loved by family and friends. The authors description of each recipe is as though she is speaking to you personally! Great Photos.

Great range of Creole inspired recipes as well as an interesting range of other USA classics. Many interesting photos with good background material. An interesting site!

Creole Contessa

A great range of tasty recipes, excellent photos and interesting introductions. Well worth a visit.


"Delicious confections even a non-diabetic would love. This blog contains the methods and results of my pastry creations." Quote from Blogger" Great recipes, photos and hints!

  "My goal is not to show how to make the fanciest, most perfect, or most complicated cookies (I don't do those), but cookies that every home baker can recreate." Quote from blogger. A very attractive an uplifting site. Great recipes and photos.

A great selection of family inspired recipes. "It is pretty much a love letter to everyone that I have ever cooked for." Quote from bloogger. Great Photos and recipes.

An outstanding site for those with a "sweet tooth" or those that love tasty deserts, cookies, cupcakes, holiday treats and much more.

"My website is a fun, friendly place for readers to find their passion to bake. It’s all about original, innovative recipes that are approachable for novice and experienced bakers." Quote from blogger. Great recipes and photos...who would want anything more? 

Sallys Baking Addiction

"I hope you find my blog inviting, fun and full of deliciously addictive recipes and photography!" Quote from blogger. The site lives up to this promise with great recipes and photos.

"I’ve got a sweet tooth that cannot be tamed, so consider yourself warned, you’re going to find a lot of desserts here. Life is just better with sugar and butter" Quote from blogger. This site has recipes, baking tips, tricks and more. Great Photos!

The site has an extensive selection of recipes covering  desserts, appetizers and loads of comfort food, all made primarily from scratch.

"SprinkleBakes is a place where I tell all my baking secrets. It's where I keep my original dessert recipes, adaptations and family favorites. I do my best to show people how to add more sparkle to their baking. The name was born from my love of rainbow nonpareils. They remind me to have fun in life and to not take things too seriously. They are joyful, colorful, interesting, special.  And concerning dessert, that's just how I like it!" Quote from blogger. A great site to visit!

"The site focuses on fun and easy baking. It’s a place to explore recipes, desserts, decorating and even photography with a few giveaways sprinkled in along the way. You’ll find ideas for cupcake pops (a Bakerella creation), cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more. You may even find yourself smiling from all the sweetness." Quote from blogger. The site has many tempting recipes with mouthwatering photos.

" I enjoy all kinds of food, but like to focus on perfecting my skills in preparing authentic Mexican Food and recipes that reflect the flavors of the West." Quote from blogger. Great site, many interesting recipes with great photos to match.

An exstensive array of tasty recipes from this talented blooger. " I want it to be a cheerful, fun, and inviting place to visit and share. " This quote from the cook certainly describes the site better than me. Great recipes and photos.

This quote from Robyn sums up her site. "While I focus on hot and fast “grilling”, I do appreciate “low and slow” methods of cooking BBQ." You will find an outstanding selection of great recipes, handy hints, mouth watering photos and easy to follow instructions.


A great resouce for all things BBQ. An unbelievable selection of recipes  - beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sauces, rubs....the list goes on. Deffinately one of the best BBQ sites anywhere!!!!


A very attractive well presented site with many tasty recipes. Great photos and easy to follow instructions.

Scrumptious Easy Recipes

A great site focussed on "Western air and Rocky Mountain Flair" with many regional recipes,

This blog is about the authors impressions of candy. The blog is just a way for me to share her experiences on this adventure known as eating candy. This is, by no means, a definitive list of all candies available (about 6,000 new confectionery products are released every year around the world, let's face it, I'm never going to cover them all). She will do her best to seek out candies that she has  been afraid of or are new to her and share them with you. A very interesting and informative site.

A great selection of sweets and candy recipes. Beautiful photos to tempt you!

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The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

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