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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

Make your selection from our researched list to find your cooking recipe.

An outstanding collection of Italian recipes...traditional and contemporary. Definitely worth a visit.

An extensive range of recipes from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Cuba and Spain. Includes seasonal and family friendly recipes.

An extensive and interesting selection of authentic recipes

A colourful site with many interesting recipes.

A selection of traditional recipes from this travel site.

A very colorful and informative site with many interesting recipes. Worth a look!

A great site with an emphasis on fresh & healthy food, in particular low cholesterol options. Meals look very inviting!

An extensive and well illustrated selection of recipes from this tourist orientated web site. Good information about Malta.

A small selection of traditional recipes from this travel site.

A good range of traditional recipes...don't be put off by the ads.

The best from Spain including regional specialities and great tapas.

Healthy, delicious, afford able, easy Turkish recipes for the home table.


A selection of traditional Cypriot recipes.

A good site with many recipes and good background information.

An outstanding site with an extensive selection including regional....great photos.

A wide selection of recipes including regional cuisines.

A colorful site with many traditional recipes. Great pictires.

An informative site, good pictures, helpful instructions. great index for finding recipes.

Great recipe selections (and photos) including regional & organic from this online shop which ships UK ( other countries refer customer service)

"All of the recipes on this site are both simple and authentic. They draw on my brief experience as a professional chef in the States and in Paris, and on my career as an enthusiastic cook for friends and family during more than 30 years in France." Quote from author. Impressive range of recipes, actively maintained.

A wide selection of recipes from this popular site. The blogger also includes information about restaurants in Toronto and other places he has visited.

An above average blog with great pictures. The recipes include traditional and "Almost Turkish". Definitely worth considering!

Good range of easy to prepare recipes inc. cooking hints.

Interesting and actively maintained with both traditional and modern recipes.

An outstanding selection of recipes with good background information. Many of these recipes are not well know out of Greece and are well worth exploring.

Great site with many recipes from this blogger living in Istanbul.

A good range of recipes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. Worth a look.

A colorful site with an exciting selection of contemporary recipes.

A colorful selection of traditional and contemporary recipes.

A basic site with good illustrations and easy to follow index.

Great recipes and outstanding photography.

French cooking made easy. A great selection of tasty recipes....surprise your family & friends!

An above average site presented in a creative style. One of the best blogs for Greek food. Definitely have a look.

A colorful selection of tasty recipes from Croatia.

A blog with a mixture of Italian recipes and the life of the blogger in Montreal, Canada.

"I hope to inspire everybody who passes through here to experiment themselves and play around with their imagination when it comes to detail" - "Quote from blogger. More than a recipe site! Fabulous recipes and pictures. Worth a look for the photos alone.

An interesting selection of recipes.

A good range of Croatian recipes in this somewhat unusually designed blog.

Outstanding selection of traditional recipes from this online shop which ships internationally.

Gourmet Spanish & New World Foods at LaTienda.com

LaTienda.com - $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping!

An extensive selection of French recipes from a blogger based in Paris....how lucky! Worth a look.

An outstanding selection of Cuban, Spanish, Mexican Cooking...worth a look

A colourful selection of authentic recipes. Great Photos.

A very attractive site with many recipes and ideas for entertaining. Well worth a look!

The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

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