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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

Make your selection from our researched list to find your cooking recipe.

Recipes, grilling techniques with a focus on healthy food

A selection of interesting recipes using smoked tea with hints on how to get the best results.

A colorful selection of mouthwatering recipes. If he can cook this well I am surprised he is still a bachelor.

A great range of innovative and traditional recipes from this Canadian Blogger. There are many international recipes to choose from as well as  some tasty BBQ. Worth a look!

"BBQ and Grilling Blog, and BBQ and Grilling website are devoted to BBQ and Grilling easy recipes, BBQ and Grilling product reviews, BBQ and Grilling sauce reviews and ratings and BBQ and grilling news from around the world" Owners quote and they do a great job!

" I enjoy all kinds of food, but like to focus on perfecting my skills in preparing authentic Mexican Food and recipes that reflect the flavors of the West." Quote from blogger. Great site, many interesting recipes with great photos to match.

A "down to earth" site with some classic recipes and some more unusual (to me!) such as pig candy.. Go have a look.

This quote from Robyn sums up her site. "While I focus on hot and fast “grilling”, I do appreciate “low and slow” methods of cooking BBQ." You will find an outstanding selection of great recipes, handy hints, mouth watering photos and easy to follow instructions.


Worth visiting just for the entertainment value. Great recipes by the way.

A great resouce for all things BBQ. An unbelievable selection of recipes  - beef, pork, chicken, turkey, sauces, rubs....the list goes on. Deffinately one of the best BBQ sites anywhere!!!!


A genuine country approach to all things BBQ and Grilling. Would help if you have a farm or know someone who does! Great cooking tips. Want to know how to make your own sausages....then visit the site.

An outstanding recipe site from this talented Korean born cook based in New York. Many tasty and authentic recipes with outstanding photos. A great site for beginners to learn how to cook Korean food. Not to be missed!

"Livefire cooking is about taking ordinary cooking and adding the flavor of fire to it, whether in high heat grilling, low heat smoking or indirect heat for baking. It’s about taking the primitive element of fire and harnessing it to make great food." Quote from site. The home page photos are a knockout! Even if you got lost and not interested in BBQ have a look. Mouthwatering Recipes.

A great site focussed on "Western air and Rocky Mountain Flair" with many regional recipes,

A large selection of tasty recipes from this blogger based in London.

This site has it all - BBQ Tips, Tricks and Recipes. Apart from the great recipes "Mister Bob" will answer your questions on any aspect of the grill/bbq.

A great selection of recipes including, native game, seafood and vegetarian.

An extensive range of Caribbean recipes with great photos.


A selection of Braai (BBQ) recipes and dishes from Africa's biggest food site. I know, it's not a blog but it has the best selection of BBQ recipes. If you find a good blog from South Africa let me know (editor)

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The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

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