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Looking for cooking recipes from the best recipe blogs - from foodies who are passionate about food.

 We have reviewed each recipe blog and only listed those that we consider the best for each cuisine.

Make your selection from our researched list to find your cooking recipe.

The’ve created a complete source of inspiration for cake makers including loads of fun ideas, proven recipes and detailed tutorials. They have a team of creative and talented cake decorators, bakers, dessert enthusiasts, pastry chefs, and everything else that is sweet.

An interesting and engaging site from this Southern Californian based blogger. The number of recipes is astonishing and they all look so appertizing. Great photos with easy to follow instructions.

Cupcakeblog.com is about – you guessed it – cupcakes. More specifically each post features a unique cupcake recipe created by Cheryl Porro and accompanied by her own photography. The recipes on Cupcakeblog.com reflect Cheryl’s food philosophy – think slow food meets sweets.

"Delicious confections even a non-diabetic would love. This blog contains the methods and results of my pastry creations." Quote from Blogger" Great recipes, photos and hints!

"SprinkleBakes is a place where I tell all my baking secrets. It's where I keep my original dessert recipes, adaptations and family favorites. I do my best to show people how to add more sparkle to their baking. The name was born from my love of rainbow nonpareils. They remind me to have fun in life and to not take things too seriously. They are joyful, colorful, interesting, special.  And concerning dessert, that's just how I like it!" Quote from blogger. A great site to visit!

An outstanding selection of recipes and tips.

"More Sweets, Please is the culmination of that fine line between baking hobby and obsession… a creative outlet where I can share the recipes that bring me joy with you, the intrepid reader-baker." Quote from blogger. The site impresses with great recipes and photos.

More Sweets, Please!

"The site focuses on fun and easy baking. It’s a place to explore recipes, desserts, decorating and even photography with a few giveaways sprinkled in along the way. You’ll find ideas for cupcake pops (a Bakerella creation), cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more. You may even find yourself smiling from all the sweetness." Quote from blogger. The site has many tempting recipes with mouthwatering photos.

  "My goal is not to show how to make the fanciest, most perfect, or most complicated cookies (I don't do those), but cookies that every home baker can recreate." Quote from blogger. A very attractive an uplifting site. Great recipes and photos.

A great (Spanish) site with inspiring recipes and great photos.

"Baking Bites is a site for those who love cooking and baking, whether your preference is to whip up simple chocolate chip cookies, decorate fanciful cupcakes to slow-rising artisan breads. In addition to being a recipe resource for home bakers, the site is a source of baking tips and advice, food news, reviews, discussions and inspiration". Quote from blogger. An exceptional site with great recipes, photos and more!

On this site you will find helpful tips, birthday cake ideas and recipes to mix up fun in the kitchen with your children. 

A great selection of family inspired recipes. "It is pretty much a love letter to everyone that I have ever cooked for." Quote from bloogger. Great Photos and recipes.

A great site for all "bakers"  and listed in Channel 4's Scrapbook of the UK's best baking bloggers. Great photos and outstanding recipes.

An outstanding site for those with a "sweet tooth" or those that love tasty deserts, cookies, cupcakes, holiday treats and much more.

A site chock full of great baking recipes and tempting photos to "wet" your appetite for more!

"My website is a fun, friendly place for readers to find their passion to bake. It’s all about original, innovative recipes that are approachable for novice and experienced bakers." Quote from blogger. Great recipes and photos...who would want anything more? 

Sallys Baking Addiction

A truly vast collection of recipes from this talented blogger from Poland. Great photos that encourage you to try the recipe. Easy to follow instructions.

"I hope you find my blog inviting, fun and full of deliciously addictive recipes and photography!" Quote from blogger. The site lives up to this promise with great recipes and photos.

An exstensive array of tasty recipes from this talented blooger. " I want it to be a cheerful, fun, and inviting place to visit and share. " This quote from the cook certainly describes the site better than me. Great recipes and photos.

"I’ve got a sweet tooth that cannot be tamed, so consider yourself warned, you’re going to find a lot of desserts here. Life is just better with sugar and butter" Quote from blogger. This site has recipes, baking tips, tricks and more. Great Photos!

 As the home to over 200 cupcake recipes, Cupcake Project has become an encyclopedia of what the cupcake can become. Stef’s cupcakes range from basic and brilliant (like the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake) to downright bizarre (Cupcakewurst).

A very popular site from a genuine baker. The recipes and pictures are outstanding!

The site has an extensive selection of recipes covering  desserts, appetizers and loads of comfort food, all made primarily from scratch.

A generous selection of cupcake recipes and more baking treats!

A large selection of recipes with an emphasis on low carb.

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