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Cuisine From: 
United Kingdom
Description : 

Unlimited peanut butter on toast. That's probably the most important thing about this hang-out space for artsy types (it calls itself 'a treehouse for grown-ups', rather than a café). Instead of paying for what you eat or drink, you're charged 5p a minute to be there, thus making you a 'micro tenant' who's free to use the facilities as you wish. There's a full kitchen with espresso machine, teas and other sweet snacks (did we mention the peanut butter and toast?), plus a selection of records to play and books to read. The fun, creative crowd it attracts make it a bit like hiring an Airbnb property that comes with its own supercool live-in buddies 

Approximate cost of main meal: 
under $15
Type of Food: 
Cafe Restaurant
388 Old Street
United Kingdom
+44 79 8469 3440