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Talk about a Class A burger, possibly the best in town. They don't mess around, all their ingredients are always fresh, buns are perfect and the burger is cooked right. You want it rare, it comes out rare.Plan Check is a budget-friendly restaurant, and it's the kind of place where you can get loose while tossing back some beers. The namesake PCB (Plan Check Burger) gets a lot of buzz because of it's one-of-a-kind ketchup leather. WTF is ketchup leather? Dehydrated squares of ketchup and sriracha, reminiscent of Fruit Roll-Ups. Paired with Americanized dashi cheese, schmaltz onions, mixed pickles, and nestled between a "crunch bun," MENU

Approximate cost of main meal: 
under $15
Type of Food: 
Burgers and more
351 N Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States
(323) 591-0094