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Cuisine From: 
Description : 

Theme: convivial and unpretentious with a nod to craftsmen of the past with a contemporary feel. Looking at classics in a new way.

Ingredients: local, seasonal, fresh, sustainable. Meats hormone free, wild seafood, high quality aquaculture items, free range chicken. nominal canned and frozen items.

Plating: allow ingredients to sing, color, vibrant, white plates, wooden boards, cast iron, enameled pots, natural elements

Flavors: not muddled, balanced, fresh herbs, acidity, smoke, fresh, unique, signature, exclusive

Menu: easy to read, Plain English words, balanced, concise, choices, fairly priced, perceived value, pairs well with beer and/or wine, comforting, flexible, changing,

Specials: exciting, changing, verbal/chalkboard

Approximate cost of main meal: 
$15 - $25
Type of Food: 
Licensed Hotel Bar Vineyard
Cafe Restaurant
Special Interest: 
Wine Beer Spirits
120 S Los Angeles St. (at 1st St.)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States