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                                             What is Pinoy Food?

Filipino food in general is not so unique when it comes to preparation or cooking method compare to other foreign cuisines. In fact, most of Pinoy dishes are mainly similar from Spanish, Chinese and from so many other countries.

Filipino cuisine is a variation of different foreign cuisines mainly from the countries that colonized Philippines from long time back. We inherited different food genre and create a fusion of flavor that greatly appeals our taste buds.

In my opinion, what makes Pinoy cuisine distinct from the rest is not the food itself but the taste buds of each Filipino tasting the dish. Well, if you’re not a Native Pinoy, then you are sure to have a different perception of what a good Filipino dish is like.

Some of the commonly remarked descriptions of Filipino food are being savory, oily, aromatic and will never be complete without a variation of dipping and generous amount of rice. In addition, Filipinos has a natural sweet-tooth, so expect a diversity of desserts in every occasion.

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