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They help people discover new hot sauces and spicy food by curating a monthly box of British and European small batch products that aren't available on the high street. Since they launched in April 2015 they've worked closely with the chilli community to find the very best hot products, shout about them, make recipes with them and send them to their members each month often before they've been launched into the market!

Lick My Dip

Ships To: UK and to international countries

A Spoonful of Spice supply the highest quality herbs and spices from around the world. They have tried and tested all of the herbs and spices in all types of food to make sure they are the best for your meals at home. Please browse their collection of spices, herbs, seeds. Everything from the vibrant colours of Turmeric and Paprika too Kaffir Lime Leaves for your Thai curry.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Seasoned Pioneers are the UK’s foremost seasoning company offering an extensive & inspirational collection of herbs and spices from the finest sources, enabling you to capture the genuine flavour of world cuisine in your kitchen. Endorsed by many leading food writers and chefs, you can be sure that you have come to the ultimate purveyor to buy spices and seasoning.

Ships To: International/World wide

Welcome to BBQ Gourmet which is dedicated to promoting real  BBQ and supplying the United Kingdom and Europe with the best competition-winning BBQ rubs, sauces, marinades & accessories from the United States and around the world.

Regardless of how you cook, whether it's on charcoal, wood, gas or electric, the real taste of summer can be yours all year round.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Welcome to Scorchio, the UK's Number 1 Store hot sauces and more!
They have the largest online range of some of the very finest hot sauces, marinades, salsas, dressings, rubs, dips and relishes brought to you from all corners of the globe.

The Scorchio team, all self-appointed chilli connoisseurs, hand pick and taste-test the products to ensure only the very best get through our doors and into your shopping basket. And whilst they want to set your tastebuds ablaze, they don't think it's just about how much heat you can take. It's about flavour first and foremost. Set your imagination and food on fire by adding some spark to your plate.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Online supplier of a very wide range of chilli sauces &  products from around the world 

Ships To: UK ,Europe, Australia & New Zealand

Brighton Chilli Shop is a new approach to the chilli industry. It offers the best of the UK's as well as the best of the world’s chilli products. Brighton Chilli Shop prides itself in trying to help the UK chilli industry and in sourcing and offering products that are good for people and good for the environment.

They have the best of Mexican chillies - Chipotle, Ancho, Mulato, Pasilla and De Arbol to mention just a few. They have the best that Mexico has to offer - Mole, Corn Tortillas, Tomatillos, Jalopenos and on and on goes the list. They have a wide variety of chilli seeds currently in stock and we will continue to source the best seeds for you over the years.

If you are looking for delicious chilli marinades, chilli jams, chilli beer, chilli chocolate, chilli cheese?; Then you’ve come to the right place – they have them all.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Online store supplying Mexican ingredients/groceries & products

Ships To: UK & Euro Zone countries

Welcome to South Devon Chilli Farm.They are passionate about growing, cooking, eating and talking about chillies. They love all the subtle flavours on offer from chillies as well as, of course, the chilli heat! Their award-winning chilli goodies range from gently warming to extremely hot! If you love chillies or you know someone who does – you’ve come to the right place!

They are ....everything Chilli, from Seed to Sauce!......not forgetting their chilli chocolates, of course! They have also been recommended by Jamie Oliver as a supplier of chillies. Jamie says, "As you know I am a Chilli freak and these guys grow the best in the country." ou can also visit them at our farm Shop and Cafe, which is open all year round, where you can "try before you buy".

During the growing season, you can buy plants and fresh chillies and wander through their Show Tunnel with around 200 varieties of chilli plants on display.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Online supplier of a very wide range of chilli  sauces & products 

Ships To: UK & Internationally

They grow and sell UK Hot Chilli Seeds, handpicked, packed and sealed by DEFRA Registered Seed Packers

Free seeds with every order. If you want the hottest chilli varieties in the world, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper,  Naga Viper, Morich, Bhut Jolokia, Bih Jolokia, 7 Pod/7 Pot, Trinidad Scorpion or even Habanero chilli peppers this is the site. Compact, decorative and easy to grow, with only a little tender loving care you can grow your own hot peppers from our seeds. If you can only spare part of a sunny windowsill, you can grow an attractive and useful plant. The more prolific ones can produce up to eighty chillies on one relatively small plant to be used fresh, frozen or dried. They also sell a large range of sauces, powders and condiments.

Ships To: United Kingdom

Online store supplying hot sauces & related foods

Ships To: UK

They are a family business from Grantham Lincolnshire, everything they sell is homemade using only the finest ingredients.

Welcome to the fire foods online chilli sauce shop, they stock super hot chilli sauces amazing hot snacks and great gift ideas.Buy online from a family run company that makes small batches of chilli products you wont find in the shops. You will find a range of products quite hot, they do have a few mild products, but even their mild is hotter than most.

Their mission is to create hot products bursting with flavour, its all about finding the right balance. You would not want to add things to my food that would just make it so hot you can’t taste it. They grew the Infinity chilli and in 2010 became the worlds hottest chilli.

Ships To: United Kingdom

They produce their own salsas, sauces and pastes, faithfully using traditional Mexican recipes and their delicious imported chillies. All of their tortillas are preservative and gluten free.

Ships To: UK & Europe

Somayas Kitchen is one of the largest Asian grocery stores in UK now offering online shopping and free delivery all over UK and many parts of Europe. At Somayas Kitchen you will find a huge grocery items, snacks and drinks, herbal products, natural health products and cosmetics as well. There are excellent test and video recipes to follow and cook mouthwatering dishes. They specialize in Indian, Chinese, African many different grocery products and spices.

Somayas kitchen believe that food should be celebrated, cooking should be an adventure and exotic ingredients easy to get hold of. Exploring different recipes from around the world should be effortless; this is why we are here, to help you take the heat out of cooking!

Ships To: United Kingdom & EU countries...see web site

From sweets and candy from around the world to the hottest chilli and hot snacks that bring tears to your eyes, Tastebox is determined to bring you the very best, most unique, gourmet foods from across the globe. Tastebox is based in the UK and ships throughout Europe. The Tastebox team are regularly searching the globe for the latest and greatest, most unusual and sought-after treats and goodies to share with Tastebox shoppers.

Ships To: UK & European Countries. Other countries visit site.

Your favourite Mauritian Foods Online - Delivered safely, securely and with speed directly to your doorstep! Spread the word! "Mari Bon Sa"

Ships To: United Kingdom & International ...see web site

They sell  all types of Indian, Kerala, South Indian, Thailand, Phiillipes, Bangladeshi & Pakistani grocery and household items for UK customers.

Ships To: UK

The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

The best online stores for Books: Cookbooks, Fiction & non Fiction. Save Time and Money.

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