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Since the dawn of time, people have been giving gifts to each other. Giving gifts is a form expressing one’s love, respect, and affection to another. Studies show the presence of gift giving practice even among the early civilizations. It is also observed that the tradition of gift giving actually started sometime in the early 1900s. In olden times, people gave gifts to their tribal leaders and exchanged gifts among themselves. These gifts were primarily made from the bark and wood of trees. Gift giving has always been reciprocal, except when gifts were given to the leaders of state in various cultures. The heads received gifts in order to procure favour and express commitment. This practice is being followed even in the present day in different parts of the world.

Today, we ring in birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and a whole lot of memorable occasions by exchanging gifts. Gifts are exchanged among families, friends, colleagues at work and others during festive occasions and holidays. It is customary to give gifts during Christmas and people all over the world celebrating Christmas follow this practice. It can almost be stated that gift giving is synonymous with Christmas. Occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc., are also celebrated by giving gifts. Gifting is indeed one of the easiest of ways to spread happiness and delight. Here is an insight on how it all started.

Although we might think of gift baskets as a modern way to give gifts, gift baskets have actually a rather long legacy. Spanning years and cultures, there are several fascinating stories of gift baskets that have been given throughout history.

Likely one of the earliest accounts of a gift coming in a basket is the basket of young plants that the pagan goddess Eostre carried in a basket, to be used as a sacred offering. Although some scholars argue the place of Eostre in Easter history, nevertheless this is the likely source of the idea of what came to be the modern-day Easter gift basket.

Baskets have been used not only for gift basket purposes but also for utilitarian reasons for centuries. They were used to carry eggs into the house from the chicken coop, or baskets called trugs were needed to harvest vegetables from the kitchen garden and get them into the home to prepare for meals. Baskets were used as a kind of large saddle bag on horses, donkeys and mules to carry supplies, and even people on occasion.

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