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The food of the USA has been influenced by the early Native Americans, its colonial past with the British, people from Africa brought out as slaves and subsequent waves of immigrants from around the world. There would hardly be a nationality that would not be represented today resulting in a rich diversity in food preparation throughout the country.

There are significant regional differences due to climatic influences as well the impact of specific nationalities that preferred to settle in different locations. States and even specific cities will have diverse cultures and related cuisines. Whilst many well known foods are available throughout the country each region has its particular style of cooking or special dish, and each dish has a history that encompasses both the geography and people. 

Breakfast during work days is usually light with cereals, fruit juices and coffee being common items. On weekends or special occasions additional items could include eggs, toast or pancakes.  Lunch is usually served around noon, and could include sandwiches, soups, French fries and many more options.  Dinner is considered the main meal of the day, usually served after 5:00 PM but before 10:00 PM. 

Virtually every type of food or drink is available to suit most budgets and health needs, from the most casual dining to  Michelin stars. Meal sizes tend to be very large compared to most other countries so use some caution when first ordering. Tipping is expected in most eating places except fast food.

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