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Sudanese food varies by region and is greatly affected by the cross-cultural influences throughout history. In addition to the influences of the indigenous African peoples, the cuisine was influenced by Arab traders, who introduced spices such as red pepper and garlic, as well as Levantine dishes and Egyptian, Yemeni, Indian and Ethiopian Cuisines in the East.

The main staple food of the is a special type of bread called "Kissra", which is made of durra or corn, "Kissra"" is eaten with a stew and has become the main dish in Sudan. Sudanese people are very hospitable, meals are eaten around a large, communal tray on which various meats, vegetable, salad, and sauce dishes are placed. These are eaten with the right hand, using flat bread or a stiff millet porridge known as asida or kisra.  Soups are an important component of the Sudanese food, the most popular are Kawari", which is made of cattle's or sheep's hoofs in addition to vegetables and spices. Milk and dairy products are a major component for the majority since most  are cattle breeders.

In  the south, the abundance of rivers, lakes and swamps had made the people dependent on fish for their food. Northern Sudan is known for its simple cuisine with wheat flour the staple food who use it in making their main dish. In the east, the most popular dish is the "Moukhbaza"  which is made of banana paste.

Strong Sudanese coffee is served from a special tin ‘jug’ with a long spout, known as a "jebena". The coffee is sweet and often spiced with ginger or cinnamon, and is drunk from tiny cups or glasses. Fruit teas and herbal teas such as "kakaday" (hibiscus tea) are also popular. Peanuts, known as "Ful-Sudani", are a popular snack, and can be made into delicious macaroons.

Most people have a very sweet tooth, piling several teaspoons of sugar into their cups of tea, and enjoying sugary desserts. Peanuts, known as "Ful-Sudani", are a popular snack, and can be made into delicious macaroons.

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