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Sri Lanka food  is an exotic blend of tastes and aromas that is enriched by a historic mix of ethnic diversity. A fertile tropical island blessed with treasures of spices and tea that has for centuries, attracted immigrants from Arabia to China, India to Malaysia, Portugal to Holland – all of whom have influenced the cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines of South Asia.

Foods can be hot or very mild or can be combination of both depending on individual preferences. Rice and curries cooked with a blend of spices, herbs and coconut milk is the island’s main food. 

Dishes from the North region of Sri Lanka have a south Indian flavor. Dishes from the South region of Sri Lanka can be spicy, hot or mild. The meals of the southern region of Sri Lanka are known for their variety and fishing village though the coastal strip. Sri Lanka curries are known for their fiery hot spicy flavors and coconut milk is very distinct feature of Sri Lankan food with different regions specializing in different types of dishes.  

For breakfast and dinner, rice is replaced with hoppers, "string hoppers", "roti", or "koththu" which are all made with rice flour.  Sri Lankan like their chilies and the redder the curry, the more fiery the dish. Coconut sambal made of ground coconut mixed with chili peppers, dried Maldive fish and lime juice is a common accompaniment. This is ground to a paste and eaten with rice. Sweet chutneys, pickles and papadams are eaten as accompaniments.

Traditional deserts are made with coconut milk and palm juggery (sugar), buffalo curd, honey, curds and treacle along with various types of fruits are popular. Sri Lankans like to drink  tea and coffee.

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