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 Singapore is a “foodies” paradise as it has been a trading nation for centuries and has attracted visitors and immigrants from Asia and Europe all who have brought their distinctive cuisines. It is primarily a mixing pot of Malay food (the original inhabitants), Indian and the now the dominant population of Chinese. Of course the British colonists have also influenced the cuisine but not to a noticeable extent.

You can find food to suit any budget from hawker stalls to food courts to five stars dining at the many hotels. Food quality is usually of a very high standard regardless of the price and is safe to eat even  at road side stalls.

If you’re a fan of Indian food, you’ll be spoilt for choice between dishes from the southern and northern part of the sub-continent. Chinese food covers the whole spectrum of regional cuisines from Cantonese to Szechuan and many more. The Malay food will give you a chance to savor an array of spices and herbs and the unique "Peranakan" or "Nonya food" offers a blend of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian flavors

The island also offers you a wide range of international cuisines – from Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese to Mongolian food. Whether you’re in the mood for a Japanese dinner, a hearty Italian meal, or a casual French bistro experience it is all here for you to enjoy.

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