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Serbian food has its foundations in the former Yugoslavia and its historical peasant cuisine. The centuries under Ottoman rule heavily influenced today’s cooking habits together with the relatively more recent Austrian and Austro-Hungarian rule. Thus Serbian cuisine is a reflection of historical influences of Oriental and Slavic tastes.

Serbian grilled meat dishes have become the symbol of Serbian cuisine  Traditional food includes soups, stews, smoked meats, minced meat (cevapcici - minced beef rolled into finger-size pieces , grilled and served with finely-chopped onion).) and meatballs, stuffed vegetables (such as peppers) and kebabs. A dish of mixed grilled meat is a specialty. Fish is used in chowders and is grilled and fried. Bread and side salads are eaten with starters and main courses. Salads are made from a variety of fresh and pickled vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, onions, peppers tomatoes and sauerkraut. Fruit and nuts are used in desserts, for example, strudels, pancakes and pastries.

Popular dishes to look out for are: "mešano meso" (mixed grill) combines all the delights of different meats from the grill on a single plate; "srpski đuveč" (a casserole)  prepared with tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, rice, hot chilli peppers, diced pork and onion, which is first fried and then baked in the oven; "kuvana kolenica" (cooked pork hock) a gourmet dish, cooked together with spices and served with horseradish. 

Alcoholic drinks are wine, beer and brandy; plum brandy "šljivovica " and grape brandy  "lozova rakija" are popular. Coffee is usually Turkish or espresso. Fruit juices are produced locally and are of a high quality.

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