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Israeli food has adopted, and continues to absorb, elements of various styles of Jewish cuisine and regional Arab food, particularly the Mizrahi, Sephardic and Ashkenazi styles of cooking. It incorporates many foods traditionally eaten in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines,

Other influences on cuisine are the availability of foods common to the Mediterranean region, especially fruits and vegetables, dairy products and fish, traditional holiday meals as well as the tradition of keeping kosher; and its food customs. Arriving from over 80 countries, Jews have brought with them the foods and recipes of their birth places. These traditions have combines with other Jewish recipes and Jewish dietary laws, such as  the separation of milk and meat and the aversion to foods such as pork and shellfish.

The Israeli breakfast is usually composed of cheeses, salads, olives, distinctive Israeli bread, juice and coffee. Israel's loaded-down breakfast tables are based in the country's Biblical heritage:

Lunch is the principal meal of the day, served at noontime when children return home from school. Most Israelis eat lightly in the evening, with dinner possibly consisting of dairy products, salads or eggs. Bread is often a part of every meal of the day

Israeli holiday foods are an important feature of their cuisine as virtually every Jewish holiday is distinguished by special foods related to its specific stories and meaning. There are differences between the dishes enjoyed by Jewish families of Ashkenazi (European) and Sephardic (Middle Eastern, North African, or Spanish) descent. Israelis can now feast on the best of all worlds.

For drinks coffee is a favorite and is served in cafés everywhere. Fruit shakes and lemonades are especially refreshing and tasty because the produce is grown locally.

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