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Important parts of Icelandic food are lamb, dairy, and fish, due to Iceland's proximity to the ocean. The fish and seafood are very popular and really good! The waters in Iceland are so clean and clear of pollution and that makes for the best seafood. Smoked salmon is very popular and consumed often as is herring and cod. Lamb is very popular in Iceland and since the sheep roam and grass longer it does tend to be very good.

Because the country is so remote and hard to import into, traditionally it has been easier to grow most foods, which is still practiced today.  Much of the taste of this traditional country food is determined by the preservation methods which comprises pickling in fermented whey or brine, drying and smoking.

One of the foods that is eaten daily is skyr - this is made from skim milk and has the texture of a thick yogurt. It is rich and creamy with no fat! It is a very healthy food. Another popular icelandic food is their hot dogs. Now, in other countries a hot dog is not all that exciting but in Iceland, their hot dogs are made out lamb meat, so it is very special! It is not called a "hot dog" but rather "pylsa", but they are served like a hot dog in that they have plenty of toppings you can put on your pylsur including fried onions, sweet mustard, and a tangy sauce.

A popular dessert is pönnukökur, the Icelandic pancakes They're thin, sweet, and usually rolled up with jam, powdered sugar, or cinnamon, similar to crepes.

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