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The food of Dominica comes from the influences of many different countries and continents. Spaniards came to Hispaniola in 1492 and their arrival brought many new vegetables, grains and fruits, as well as animals. Additionally, the Spaniards brought the foods that were typical in their world as well as the Mediterranean. Since then, other influences from other countries have also made their way into the traditional foods of Dominica. Their food is a mixture of both Creole and British influences, Dominica's history, culture, and cuisine are created from an eclectic blend of unspoiled Caribbean tradition.

Many local dishes are prepared with a sauce made from curry and Scotch bonnet peppers. This sauce, which is served with almost everything, adds an enticing, spicy kick to the flavor and aroma of the meal.

Breakfast is an important meal in Dominica and  may include salt fish which are dried and salted codfish and "Bakes" which are made by making a dough and frying in oil. These prove popular before a long days at work. Salt fish and bakes however is also doubled up as a fast food snack that can be eaten throughout the day,

During lunchtime or dinner common vegetables are eaten including plantain, yam, potato, rice and peas. Meat and poultry is typically eaten which could include chicken (which is very popular), beef or fish which are normally stewed down with onions, carrots, garlic, ginger and herbs like thyme and using the browning method to create a rich dark sauce. Seafood dishes constitute a lot of Dominica's local cuisine. Shellfish are bountiful in both the sea and mountain streams, and crabs are caught in season and served in their shells stuffed with seasoned red or black crab meat.

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