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Czech cuisine has developed over hundreds of years and has been influenced by Austrian and Hungarian cuisines, yet it has also influenced the cuisines of its neighboring countries in return.  Czech cuisine is not exactly a synonym for healthy cooking, but everybody will probably find some meals they'll love. It may be the potato soup, the traditional roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, the fruit filled dumplings, or the apple strudel. Czech cooking and eating habits have been shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, but traditional Czech recipes are still very popular - and those tend to be high in calories, fat and sugar. Sauces and condiments are popular

 Czech main meals (lunch/dinner) typically consists of two or more courses: the first course is traditionally soup, the second course is the main dish, and supplementary courses such as dessert.  Many dishes are meat-based, based around beef or pork, with thick, often creamy sauces served with carb-laden sides such as dumplings or potatoes (French fries are popular). For a lot of the national dishes, these features are pretty standard.

The classical breakfast consists of white bread rolls or sliced bread, although wholegrain breads have become popular recently. Lunch is considered the main meal of the day. They often have lunch in their favorite restaurant, many of which offer lunch menus for discount prices. Lunch usually consists of soup, a main course and sometimes a small dessert. With regards to dinner, customs observed among Czech families differ. Someone in the family circle may prefer a light dish, another may like a heavy dinner with a structure similar to lunch,

Czech beer is famous for its quality and there are many pubs to sample this popular drink.

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Food Tours and Travel - Czech Republic