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Costa Rican cuisine is simple and heavy on oil and spices. The native dishes rely heavily on rice and beans which is  the basis of many Costa Rican meals. Home-style cooking predominates. Meals are generally wholesome and reasonably priced. Gallo Pinto, the national dish of fried rice and black beans is particularly served as a breakfast. Another favorite is the famed Rice n' Beans of the Caribbean. Many meals are derivatives, including arroz con pollo or arroz con atun. At lunch Gallo Pinto becomes Casado : rice and beans supplemented with cabbage and tomato salad, fried platains, and meat. Food staples include beef, chicken, fish and despite the thousands of kilometers of coastline, seafood like shrimp or lobster, is expensive because Costa Rica exports most of its seafood. Costa Rica home cuisine has an inordinately amount of fried foods so keep that in mind when you receive and invitation for dinner.

Source: Info Costa Rica

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