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Colombian cuisine includes the cooking traditions and practices of Colombia's Caribbean shoreline, Pacific coast, mountains, jungle, and ranchlands. Colombian cuisine varies regionally and is influenced by indigenous, Spanish, African, Arab and some Asian influences. Colombian coffee is renowned for its high quality.

Colombian cuisine is rich and diverse, thanks to geographical variety, a tropical climate, and the influence of many immigrant populations. Colombian food is typical of Latin American cuisine as a whole. There is a heavy focus on deep-frying everything. Meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish) are popular, and most dishes are served with rice, beans, or potatoes. Vegetables play a small role. Colombia is not a paradise for vegetarians as the Colombian diet includes a lot of meat. While the variety of fresh tropical fruits available in Colombia is extensive.

In general breakfast is quite important in Colombia and consists of fruit juice, coffee or hot chocolate, fruit, eggs and bread. Lunch which is served between 12 and 14pm is the main meal of the day – at least in the countryside. A traditional main meal consists of a soup, a main dish, a drink and sometimes a dessert which is generally very sweet. The dinner is more like a snack. In the big cities the main meal often will be served around 7pm or 8pm.


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