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Canadian Food is influenced by three distinct traditional cuisines: English, French, and the First Nations (Aboriginal people of Canada). The traditional aboriginal cuisine of Canada was based on a mixture of wild game, foraged foods, and farmed agricultural products. The traditional cuisine of English Canada closely related to British and Scottish cuisines, while the traditional cuisine of French Canada has evolved from French cuisine. While Canadian Foods vary from region to region, much of Canada's cuisine has been influenced by the continual influx of immigrants during the past few centuries. As a result, Canadian Food has become multicultural thanks to influences from around the world.

 Along the Atlantic coast, seafood and dishes derived from English traditions (except in Quebec) are common. In Quebec, favorite foods come from the area's French heritage. Throughout Canada, maple syrup and maple products are popular, reflecting the significance of the maple tree, whose leaf adorns the flag of Canada.

In the provinces of Western Canada, influences can be seen from early explorers and settlers who made plain yet hearty meals making do with local foods that were available. Due to the immigrants who settled there, Western provinces of Canada see strong German, British, Ukrainian, Italian, Scandinavian and Polish influences in their foods. Large ranches and farms dominate much of landscape where barbecue, beef and corn dishes are popular.

With the influx of immigrants from the four corners of the world and foodstuffs imported, many new techniques in food preparation have been adopted. Slowly but surely the nation’s eating and drinking habits are changing. Delicacies previously never heard of before can be found in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. 

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