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Cameroonian cuisine is one of the most varied in Africa due to its location on the crossroads between the north, west, and centre of the continent; added to this is the profound influence of French food.

Food in tropical Africa, is mainly made with local products. Meat and fish are stewed, grilled over a wood fire, or fried.  The staples of the Cameroonian diet are yams, cassava, plantains, beans and maize. Cameroonians usually eat out of communal bowls using their right hands. Because poultry and meat are relatively expensive fish is the most commonly eaten food. "In fact, the Portuguese named the country for its abundance of shrimp, or “camarones"  Rice, boiled cassava and boiled plantains are commonly served as side dishes to offset the spicy taste of the main dish. These starchy foods are usually cooked and then pounded until they become sticky to create what is known as "fufu". It is customary  to dip balls of fufu into hot flavorful sauces.  

The most famous  Cameroonian dish is "Ndolé". This is bitter leaf soup made with peanuts and fish (usually cod) or goat meat.  "Sangah" is another specialty, a simple dish made of maize, cassava leaf and palm oil. Food is typically seasoned with garlic, ginger, habanero and oil—palm oil in the north, sesame oil in the south. 

Street food is very popular and "vendors offer barbecued kebabs of meat or fish (known as brochettes), often with a spicy saucei. In the south, fried plantains and cassava are sold. Sweet snacks such as doughnuts and pastries are also popular."

 "Coffee stalls open up early in the morning, serving locals with bread and fillings for breakfast. Later in the day, tea and green tea are more popular as a hot drink." For someting stronger " locals often head to the buvettes, small bars serving beer, lager and soft drinks." Home brews are popular and they include "millet (bilibili) and corn (kwatcha) beer and palm wine "matango".

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Food Tours and Travel - Cameroon