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Bosnian food is a direct result of the Turks who ruled over the region for many years. First, many of the Bosnians converted to Islam, immediately altering what foods can be used, for example, eliminating pork from the diet. More than this though, Bosnian food essentially became Turkish food, with slight alterations based on what ingredients were more readily available in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Since the time of Turkish rule, the Austria-Hungarians took over the region and spread some Austrian influence. 

Bosnian cuisine is balanced between Western and Eastern influences. The food is closely related to Turkish, Middle Eastern, and other Mediterranean cuisines. However, due to years of Austrian rule, there are also many culinary influences from Central Europe. Bosnian cuisine uses many spices, but usually in moderate quantities.

It is also important to note what religion your hosts identify with as the Bosniaks are Muslim, but both Croats and Serbs are Christian and this will effect dining and food served. Despite being a primarily Muslim country, most Bosnians do drink alcohol or at least accept the fact that people around them drink.

What makes Bosnian food even better is the overwhelming sense of hospitality and warmth. You’ll be offered cookies, cakes, sweets, coffee, meat platters, and cheese samplers, and once you start sampling, you won’t be able to stop. Just be sure to save room for the main course!


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