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Bangladeshi food traditions and recipes date far back in history. Variations due visitors from other areas and the different geographic location have brought about many regional variations in the traditional cuisines of the country.

The close proximity to the surrounding regions of Bengal and North-East India cuisine have influenced the food. Rice and fish are traditional favorites. With an emphasis on fish (where available), vegetables and lentils served with rice is a staple meal. The food is usually served as individual courses rather than all together.

The  base of Bangladeshi cuisine is  rice and often served with an unleavened (flat) whole wheat bread). A wide variety of pulses (legumes) are eaten with many dozens of varieties. Often the lentils are made into flour as a base for different dishes.

The meals are often quite spicy with many different chilies and spice combinations giving unique regional flavors.

There is an incredible variety  of vegetables and herbs for meal preparation.

Chicken, beef, fish, goat and mutton dishes are favorites across all of Bangladesh and in rural areas free range chicken and duck are a common and cheap addition to the family pot. Pork is not usually available as it is predominantly a Muslim country.

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Food Tours and Travel - Bangladesh

Food Tours and Travel - Bangladesh

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