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The word diet comes from the  Old French diete and Medieval Latindieta meaning "a daily food allowance". The Latin word diaeta and Greek word diaita mean "a way of life, a regimen".

A diet can be described as a set course of eating and drinking in which the kind and amount of food one should eat is been planned out in order to achieve weight loss or follow a certain lifestyle.

The number of diets available seems to grow almost daily! The following advice  from "Health and Wellness"  is a good place to start: First think about what did and didn't work the last time you were on a diet. Was it too restrictive? Lots of diets we covered don't consider any food off-limits. Didn't provide enough structure? Some plans will tell you exactly what to eat and when. With any diet, ask yourself: How long can I stay on this? No matter how good it looks (or how good it might make you look), if you can't stick with it in the long run, you'll be right back where you started after a couple of months.

You should also consider physical activity – an important component of any healthy lifestyle. Does your plan lay out a specific exercise program, or are you on your own?

Fortunately there are some great resources online. The following are our picks:


This site allows you to compare up to three popular diets (at the same time)  from a list of 50 with detailed information across 10 different features including costs, length of diet, counsellors and eating out.

Web. Md.

This site provides detailed information on close to 100 different diets and helps you decide: Which diet is right for you? Get the facts on popular diet plans.

Health and Wellness.

This ranks the best diet programs for 2014 with separate categories for:  Best Diets Overall; Best Weight-Loss Diets; Best Diabetes Diets; Best Heart-Healthy Diets; Best Commercial Diet Plans; Best Diets for Healthy Eating; Easiest Diets to Follow; Best Plant-Based Diets;