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Storing Your Tea

Proper tea storage helps to preserve the flavor and freshness of your tea long after production. While tea does not spoil, as with any consumable product, the sooner it is enjoyed the fresher and more potent it will be. Stored properly, unflavored teas can last up to 18 months. Flavored teas can last up to six months. Art of Tea recommends storing your tea in airtight containers to ensure longevity and keeping these containers away from heat, moisture and exposure to light. Teas are fragile and can be easily altered by neighboring spices and aromas, so be sure to store them in an area where the leaves cannot be permeated.

Water Quality

Always start with fresh cold water. Spring water or filtered water is recommended. Low mineral bottled water or distilled water can be used if water in your area is hard. It is best to avoid reheating the same batch of water. This will allow more control of the temperature and a more enhanced tasting experience when steeping your tea.

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