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Matcha is an elegant and inviting tea and offers up a lush and smooth feel on the palate with a refreshing grassy taste that leaves behind a deep, lingering finish.

1. Preheat the tea bowl with boiling water. Discard and moisten the chasen (tea whisk).

2. Scoop 2 grams* of powdered green tea (matcha) and add approximately one teacup of hot water.

3. Hold the bowl firmly with one hand and whisk with the chasen from left to right to form frothy bubbles. Whisk the Matcha well and break up any small lumps with the tip of your whisk.This assures the most optimal flavor and a smooth and creamy texture.

4. Hold the chasen in the middle of your foam, and allow the liquid in the chasen to draw off, and gently remove the whisk.

*1/4 teaspoon per 6-8oz of water

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