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The following beef grilling tips will cover the size of the meat, the timing of the marinade and the time and procedure for grilling. These should ensure a tasty and healthy way of grilling your grilled beef.
Remove excess fat
Use meat where the fat has been trimmed so that there are no flare-ups. If you are using beef-steaks, you can leave 1/8-inch of fat to help keep in the juices in while grilling.
Beef must be marinated at least 6 hours or even overnight to tenderize it. The marinade should contain an acidic ingredient like vinegar or limejuice. If you marinade for more than a day gives the beef a squishy touch. You can also use a rub just before the grilling to spice up the outside of the meat. For a light flavoring, keep on the marinade or 15 minutes to 2 hours.
Health issues.
Only  marinade the beef on in the refrigerator so that the raw beef sitting on the kitchen counter does not contaminate other food items. It is very important that you throw away any leftover marinade.
Best Temperatures
As a rule-of-thumb it is always best to grill the beef at medium to medium-low temperatures. After grilling, always check for doneness with a food thermometer.
Direct/Indirect grilling

You can grill beef in two ways. If you want a thick, crunchy coating you can use the direct heat method In this case  the meat should be placed a good 3-6 inches away from the heat. Indirect Heating method requires the beef to be placed further away from the heat, which results in a more even grill. Another very popular method is a blend of the two, first direct grilling and then indirect grilling. Hamburgers, kebabs and steaks benefit from this combination.

Indirect heating is recommended for ribs or large pieces of meat .This ensures that the outside of the meat is not burnt before the inside is absolutely grilled.
It is important that the grill and all equipment is kept clean. The grill should be cleaned after and before the cooking process.


There is an enormous range of grilling and BBQ accessories available today. One of the best is a meat thermometer  where you can program the type of meat and how you wish it to be cooked, rare, medium rare etc. These are inexpensive and for a little extra cost you can get a "wireless" connection. 
One last tip! Do not use forks for flipping the beef as they  tend to prick the meat, resulting in the juices leaking out.