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British Columbia

They really do have good prices for produce and the grocery items, many Turkish and Iranian, aren't expensive either. They have fresh herbs in the summer and amazing middle eastern fare (spices, bread, canned goods) inside. Plenty of sheep's cheese and amazing flat breads. Possibly the only place downtown where fresh produce can actually be considered "cheap" at times..

City: Vancouver


One of the best stores for halal meat in Mississauga also stocks Turkish & Middle Eastern snacks/food.

City: Mississauga

Highly rated.Good variety of Turkish items and decent selection of cheese. Their selection of sujjuck (Turkish pepperoni) is somewhat limited as they had only two options on my last visit. They have a dedicated freezer for house made batsrama and sujuck which is a great thing.Good options for olives including some prepackaged . They carry the some stove top Turkish tea and coffee makers. 

City: North York

They have Portuguese custard tarts, baklava, brownies, fudge, macarons and almost anything your heart desires.. So if your the type to have a sweet tooth of some sort, check this place out.

City: Toronto

An olive store with a smal selection of speciality foods. Green olives, Red olives, Black olives, Mixed olives, Herbed Olives, Citrus marinaded olives. Also imported olive oils and carefully crafted pepper toppings. Very Highly rated. Web site.


City: Toronto


They specialize in high quality spices, herbs, salts, chiles, peppers, rubs, blends, cocoa, sugars and teas. They grind on order if necessary and sell in amounts on minimum 1 once. This is an authentic Middle Eastern spice market, with all the variety and beauty of those one might find in Turkey or Morocco. Web site.

City: Montreal

They carry everything you need from fresh produce, to flat breads, to fresh meats and prepared foods. You will also find Turkish lavas bread, Indian teas, aisles of pickled goods, bags of spices, saffron, and the most amazing nut and dried fruit counter. Web Site. 


City: Montreal

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