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British Columbia

 They carry ingredients - fresh and packaged for cooking recipes from Southeast Asia, Japan, China, India, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America.   Whether you're looking for the freshest lemongrass, fresh wasabi root, Thai basil, queso fresco and great tortillas, a variety of fresh and dried chiles, great paneer or lime and curry leaves, you can find it all in the same location.  The staff at south china seas are knowledgeable and helpful. Web site.

City: Vancouver


A good selection of Asian groceries and Ingredients.

City: North York

Seafood section is very good,a large variety of fruits.Meat and chicken reasonable, every day low prices.


City: Scarborough

A good range of Asian and specialty ingredients. Mixed reviews about staff and quality of take away food .Website.

City: Toronto

Huge selection of Asian food/grocery items.  Store is well stocked, organized and clean. Separate areas for Asian fast food, vegetables, fruits, fresh seafood, meats. Web site and other stores locations

City: Toronto

This place has good produce, meat, seafood, and a decent selection of Chinese, Vietnamese, and other East Asian foodstuffs. It's reasonably clean and bright.

City: Toronto

Wharehouse operation that also sells to the public.The prices are even cheaper than Chinatown supermarkets,  they carry lots of  theThai grocerors  that you simply can't get anywhere else.

City: Toronto

An above average grocery store with a great variety of various ethnic fares.The store is divided into "sections".....Caribbean in one area (with great Jamaican products rarely found elsewhere), Indian in another, Thai, Southern Asia in another.....great selection of items, all at a very reasonable price.A large well stocked supermarket with a take away section. Some mixed reviews! Web site.

City: Vaughan


The stores has a basic selection of Asian food products including Thai. Inexpensive but downside is cash only.

City: Montreal

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