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United States


They have a large selection of different meats, cheeses, and salads at the deli counter. They have an awesome deli- some of the best meat and cheese in the area, which is saying something. They also have really great specialty items like foreign candies, beer/wine/liquor and groceries. Gene's deli counter and meat market are great. You can get everything German here, as well as Polish and Swedish cuts. VISIT SITE

b/t Giddings St & Lawrence Ave in Lincoln Square, Ravenswood
City: Chicago


Very small store. Cool varied selection. Lots of international brands from France, Italy,United Kingdom. Switzerland and a few Brazilian. Gourmet chocolates & import tasty treats! This place is pretty pricey at around $7 per chocolate bar but it's interesting to try various brands from all over the world. All the classic European faves like Kinder and Cadbury (the real deal) along with an awesome selection of rare finds!!! Not to mention their incredible caviar and tea selections!

Westin Copley
City: Boston


Excellent artisanal chocolate flown in weekly from Switzerland. This place is VERY expensive, but the chocolate is good. For top-quality chocolates, Teuscher is a safe bet for corporate or special occasion gift giving. The flower boxes are beautiful - but very pricey. 

Rittenhouse Square, Avenue of the Arts South
City: Philadelphia

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