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United States


They have a small selection of a wide variety of Irish imports. If you are looking for Irish ANYTHING, this is the place to go. Everything from chocolate to tins of peas, beans, custards and treacle! McVities, HobNobs - and some of the best array of Irish and British candy you will see in LA (Cadbury, Quality Street, etc).  There are mixes for trifle, puddings, brown bread, soda bread and potato bread. A few kinds of cereal and oatmeals, fab selections of teas (loose and bagged), nice assortment of drinks and sodas,

City: Los Angeles


If you want the tools for enjoying the Irish breakfast - head to Winston's Sausage. An excellent Irish sausage shop conveniently located just a few blocks off the Midway station on the Orange line.  They have a great deli counter filled with rashers, black and white pudding, Irish sausages, and other delicious meats.  Winston's also stocks the usual Irish grocery fare and a delicious variety of soda bread. VISIT SITE

b/t Kilpatrick Ave & Keating Ave in Clearing
City: Chicago

Purveyors of fine british & irish foods. A miniature market with many iconic British snacks and drinks. From Walkers chips to McVits Digestives, ginger beer, Malteasers... The list goes on and on. VISIT SITE

b/t Waveland Ave & Grace St in Lakeview
City: Chicago


They are friendly and have the best selection of Irish food.  ! Best selection of British/Irish goods in the Boston area.  And the staff are always so friendly.   Any craving can be satisfied here.  In addition to the sweets and crisps, they had flour, seasoning, sauces, soups, jams, red lemonade, the tins of cookies...  You can't go wrong.

City: Boston

New York

If Your Irish you will appreciate it as it has nearly everything from home mind you a little pricey. Friendly service. Large selection of quality cooked and uncooked meats, tons of sausages! Also good beer selection, Irish imports, The only other place to really stock up on Irish/English/Scottish/Welsh provisions in the NYC area.

City: New York


They have huge inventory of European beers, cheeses, packaged goods like chocolates, non-alcoholic drinks. 
Central location and reasonable prices. Great place for sausage, cheese, and european imports.  Probably the largest store of its type in the city. They supply pan-European groceries. Italian, Greek, German, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Irish, and more. meats, vegetables, beverages, packaged/canned goods, desserts, and more.

City: Dublin

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