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Contrary to what the store name suggests, they don't just carry island foods. They carry foods from all over the globe. 
-gourmet snacks, crackers, cookies, imported cheeses, 250 varieties of chocolate, baklava, gourmet gift baskets, an impressive selection of hot sauces and specialty jams/preserves.

City: Calgary


They offer one of the largest fiery food product selections in the world (over 1000) and growing along with inexpensive shipping and great customer service.

City: Ottawa

 They have a fairly good spice selection and quite an impressive Indian grocery section (it is essentially an Indian grocery with some added spice bins) but where this store really shines is with their hot sauce collection. They have nearly everything you might want to cook,sauce,spice or douse your otherwise bland cooking. Web Site.

City: Toronto

You will  find a variety of ready made sauces, Latin American foodstuffs and canned goods.This is the ultimate in One Stop Latin food shopping. Great resource for Mexican food, including but not limited to: salsas, chipotles, tortillas. If you can't find it, just ask: the people who work there are very helpful and friendly.

City: Toronto


They specialize in high quality spices, herbs, salts, chiles, peppers, rubs, blends, cocoa, sugars and teas. They grind on order if necessary and sell in amounts on minimum 1 once. This is an authentic Middle Eastern spice market, with all the variety and beauty of those one might find in Turkey or Morocco. Web site.

City: Montreal

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