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United States


They stock everything from fresh epazote to blue corn masa to Guatemalan and Honduran crema.  I was surprised to see fresh arbol and chilaca chiles (called pasilla chiles in their dry form).  The dried chile and spice section is impressive, too, taking up a whole wall.  I've heard they even seasonally carry huitlacoche, although I've never seen it. If you're a Mexican/Central American food enthusiast and want to cook authentic dishes at home, this is your market. VISIT SITE

City: Los Angeles

New York

 Karen, drapes Guatemalan and Honduran flags outside from the awning along with a Mexican one. Their groceries and food are geared towards the latter. They advertise all their Mexican fare in the windows and also feature pupusas, the most famous item from El Salvador. They make baleadas, a Honduran specialty that is not too abundant in the city.

b/t 62nd St & 61st St in Sunset Park
City: New York


 If you are of Hispanic, Asian or Middle Eastern descent, then this is the place to go. They have a large assortment of Honduran, Guatemalan, Salvadorean, and Central & South American groceries. They have designated a Deli, Fish Market, Butcher and Bakery (you can get fresh Tortillas!). 

City: Houston

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