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United Kingdom

Matta's is an Indian grocery store which has successfully diversified into both regional world foods and also wholefoods.  Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Thai are all well catered for. There is a definite feel of confidence and genuine foodie enthusiasm in the buying and also in the customer service from at least some of the staff. VISIT SITE

City: Liverpool

They have everything you could ever need Kosher wise. Baked goods (dreidel shaped cookies - so cute!), crisps, sweets, meat. Literally everything. They specialise in Kosher food, probably stocking the largest variety available in the UK.  We carry products  from around the world,  with a wonderful choice of Gluten Free, Spelt and Low Fat products. They really pride themselves on getting items not available anywhere else, so you will find lots of things from the US & Canada there too. VISIT SITE

Golders Green
City: London

The Mecca of healthy food in London. There are three bright floors, so you're guaranteed to find just about anything -- from healthy prepared foods, baked goods, and plenty of gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free options. Plus, the hot food and salad bars make for delicious take-away lunch boxes. Large array of  fresh produce, and how you can select the grains, nuts and seeds you want, and the weight you want. However, their Mexican section is not something to be ignored. It contains AUTHENTIC spicy ingredients. 

City: London

Pricey, definitely, but it's such a cut above any other large food market in the area, especially for anyone vegetarians and/or gluten- and dairy- intolerant.  Their deli part has the best proscuitto, olives and so many other deliciousnesses. Kefir, wide selection of nuts, dark chocolates and different spreads and sauces with no GMO, gluten, artificial additives etc. There's enough to warrant a visit if you need some specialty ingredients for an authentic Mexican meal.

City: London

Salvi's is a deli, mozarella snack bar, coffee house, restaurant and God knows what else. It's chilled yet exciting to be in, the owner and staff hands on and welcoming and the setting makes you feel like you've gone on holiday in itself. A great selection of deli meats and cakes. VISIT SITE

City Centre
City: Manchester


Vorrei is a family-run online food retailer, specialising in bringing the culture of great tasting, authentic and healthy Italian food to the UK. All of Vorrei's products are ethically sourced from small-scale farms and family businesses. Vorrei is an ardent supporter of the Slow Food Movement. Some 60% of their range is organic and their products are not packed with preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers. Even better, because they deal directly with our suppliers, they are able to match their quality with great prices.They sell Italian food that is good for our customers, good for the people who grow it and good for the environment. Vorrei (http://www.vorrei.co.uk) is not simply an online Italian food shop.

Theyaim to pass on our knowledge of the culture of real Italian food through sharing their recipes and through our blog. They also aim to provide our customers with a wealth of information about the products they are buying, how they have been produced and by whom. This enables them to make an informed choice about the food that they are buying with no misleading advertising. Their product range has genuine provenance and is complemented by traditional Italian recipes, often suggested by their suppliers or passed down through their extended Italian family.

City: Saffron Walden


The Italian food supplier “Naturali" is a project composed by a young team of proactive and motivated professionals aimed to distribute local Italian food within the UK and enhance people knowledge about niche products unavailable in common supermarkets. With some luck and a lot of planning they started a small eCommerce business to consumers, local restaurants, shops and bakeries. They deliver Italian food all over the United Kingdom.


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