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United States


Full of Scandinavian delicacies.They sell candy, breads, condiments, knick-knacks, decorations, coffee, crispbread and a whole lot more.There is also a good, additional selection of Swedish candies by Gotte Grisar ("Candy Pigs"!) that is sold by weight (you use scoops like at the bulk section). You don't have to be Scandinavian to enjoy their wide range of delicacies, beers, and wines. Gravlax and gevalia in the cutest cafe on pico with the most charming staff.

City: Los Angeles

This place has all of your favorite Scandinavian items! Great cheese, meat, and candy selection. Nordic House is a roomy grocery store with emphasis on food products from Scadinavia and Germany. This spot is the real deal if you're looking for amazing Scandinavian products! VISIT SITE

b/t Pardee St & Carleton St in West Berkeley
City: Los Angeles

Do you want to visit Nordic countries in one day?  You can, if you came to Olsons!!! It's such a cute deli/market with super friendly staff

City: Los Angeles


Jam packed full of Scandinavian goods! The shop has Scandinavian food items like crisp bread, candies, canned fish, and spreads. Towards the back, there are cookbooks, glassware, china, and refrigerated Scandinavian food. VISIT SITE

City: Sarasota


Large deli features traditional Swedish specialities, including a variety of breads, cheeses, seafood items, meatballs, salads and other sides. Sandwiches made to order, coffee, and a few hot plates available if you want to eat at one of a few tables in the shop. Interesting food specialities from Sweden, including candies, cookies, coffee and tea, canned and dried goods. VISIT SITE

City: Chicago

Great Swedish deli where you can find all the good stuff in an old time atmosphere.  Erickson's is a great place to pick up hard-to-find Swedish specialty foods such as homemade potato sausage (potaiskorv), pickled herring, ginger cookies, Ski Queen gjetost cheese, and much more.  

b/t Farragut Ave & Berwyn Ave in Andersonville, Edgewater
City: Chicago


Very small store. Cool varied selection. Lots of international brands from France, Italy,United Kingdom. Switzerland and a few Brazilian. Gourmet chocolates & import tasty treats! This place is pretty pricey at around $7 per chocolate bar but it's interesting to try various brands from all over the world. All the classic European faves like Kinder and Cadbury (the real deal) along with an awesome selection of rare finds!!! Not to mention their incredible caviar and tea selections!

Westin Copley
City: Boston

New York

What a great place. It's very clean and neatly organized ; the staff are friendly and inviting; and they have a fun selection of Nordic foods, candies and gifts to splurge on. Nordic Deicacies is even better than back home in Norway. Very nice people and good food. Try their vaffler and boller. VISIT SITE

Brooklyn b/t Bay Ridge Ave & Ovington Ave in Bay Ridge
City: New York


This is a great place to go for Swedish food items or other Scandinavian food. They have a pretty nice little selection of cheese. They have lot's of other types of foods and also souvenirs. They take special orders for Scandinavian ham prepared by a butcher in the US that knows what it's supposed to taste like and is delivered for Chrismas. VISIT SHOP 

City: Plano

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