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British Columbia

A great selection of local and imported candies including Salty Danish licorice.

City: North Vancouver

This tiny grocery specializes in Scandinavian foods and meat and cheese. They also stock a wide variety of sweets, cookies, crackers, preserves (such as lingonberry and cloudberry), and herring, much of it imported. I addition they have a nice deli counter.

City: Vancouver


Authentic Russian food heaven. If you have never been exposed to Eastern European culture I would recommend this store as you can experience something different and if you come from Easter Europe, then Yummy market is the place to be. It has a "welcome home" feel to it.Web site.


City: North York

They are specialized in South African groceries and meats, but will do made to order and have done many Swedish/Norwegian style hams for the Nordic folks!

City: Oakville

This is a German grocery store, delicatessen and cafe with a wide variety of European and Canadian groceries and gourmet products”. They have strudels, huge loaves of rye bre and all kinds of meat pies that are very Canadian and probably German?

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City: Toronto

It has a deli, bakery and grocery section.Carries all of the Viking Foods products and fresh-baked Finnish goods. It's mission; to provide fresh preservative-free, traditional products and never compromise the quality of its in house made products. All bakery products are made fresh on the day of business. Web site.

City: Toronto

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