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United States


Very friendly service with a good selection of groceries.....herbs, spices estc.

City: Los Angeles

They have a small market with interesting items and good coffee, tea and desserts. It has a nice old world charm and it's part cafe and part  boutique. In the boutique you can find traditional Ethiopian products like Frankincense, Ethiopian spices ( Berbere) and music.  There is a wide variety of teas and traditional  food. VISIT SITE

City: Los Angeles


It's really small, but they use every inch of space to stock various types of legumes, spices, injera, and tons of other goodies. The store is SMALL, but the service is helpful and friendly without being pushy. Go get some injera and some spices.

b/t Glenlake Ave & Hood Ave in Edgewater
City: Chicago

New York

Every nook and cranny is stuffed with some sort of sauce, root, dried fruit or cooking device. A gem in New York City and heaven for those inspired gourmet cooks.  Kalustyan's is the place to go for all your cooking needs, no matter how esoteric or specialised. They have a huge range of spices and condiments, and by no means are they limited to Indian-style items--they have everything. VISIT SITE

b/t 28th St & 29th St in Kips Bay, Flatiron
City: New York


Whether you are a homesick East African or a budding Indian cook, you'll appreciate the excellent assortment of spices and ingredients in this small, friendly grocery store. Plastic tubs of spices range from the mundane (cinnamon bark, cardamom pods) to the hard-to-find (several hot-and-spicy Ethiopian blends). Prices range from reasonable to insanely cheap. 

City: Philadelphia

This Indian grocery store had the best selection and service in the University City area. This is the place to get Indian groceries in Philadelphia. They've got such a tremendous selection of legumes, condiments, chaat mixes, nuts and fruits, I find things here that I can find nowhere else in the city. If you adore Ethiopian injeeras, you can get a nice sack of them to keep you full for days. 

University City, Spruce Hill
City: Philadelphia


 This place is an Ethiopian and regular grocery store. Very interesting grocery store.  it's very small. It has  barbre (ethiopian spicy chili powder) to make a dipping sauce for bread.  they also sell njira (ethiopian bread).

Gulfton, Braeburn
City: Houston

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