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British Columbia

As per the name, everything is gluten-free and soy-free. Some items are vegan. From squares to round cookies, granolas, cake mixes,  frozen cinnamon buns, cheese buns,  mini banana loaves, huge muffins, frozen pizza dough...the selection was impressive. And it's all gluten free (and some items are sugar free, dairy free, etc.).The interior is a crisp white that has a definite french feel to it. It is a nice relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a mid-week treat. The cafe is open Wed-Sat 11am-4pm. Web site.


City: Vancouver


Noah's Natural Food is a full-service health food store. It has  a range of restricted diet products (gluten-free, dairy-free, both at once, etc.) and it's got most of your organic food needs. A bit pricy. Web site.


City: Toronto

This place just looks like a typical vitamin/supplement store - but if you walk to the back they have an awesome selection of health food, organic staples, gluten-free food, and some produce. The milk, yogurt and cheese is always fresh and the prices are much better than some of the chain grocery stores.

City: Toronto

This place is a good, but expensive place to buy healthy, vegetarian, vegan foods. They also have a lot of foods for people with gluten, wheat, and nut allergies. Web site.

City: Toronto


A great selection of dietary grocers and health food products. Knowlegable staff.

City: Montreal

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