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United States


This is my bakery Mecca of Chicago.  The place to go for Americanized versions of traditional Czech treats. Vesecky has spectacular breads, kolacky, coffee cakes, pastries, cakes and the cookies are spectacular.  All the bakery goods from here are fresh and delicious!  

b/t Clarence Ave & Riverside Dr
City: Chicago

New York

They specialize in imported products from the Czech and Slovak republic. They have a  large selection of food items like different kind of chocolate bars, wafers and candies, also pickles, mustard, instants soups, mineral water etc. They sell a unique Slovak sheep cheese called Bryndza and other smoked cheeses from Slovakia, special dry sausages and salami. VISIT SITE

Hunters Point, Long Island City
City: New York


They have huge inventory of European beers, cheeses, packaged goods like chocolates, non-alcoholic drinks. 
Central location and reasonable prices. Great place for sausage, cheese, and european imports.  Probably the largest store of its type in the city. They supply pan-European groceries. Italian, Greek, German, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Irish, and more. meats, vegetables, beverages, packaged/canned goods, desserts, and more.

City: Dublin


The Czech bakery is out of this world amazing. The food is fresh, offers a great selections of kolaches, friendly staff and prompt service. Interesting and unique bakery, the glass display windows are filled with different pastries and sandwiches and the air is full of scents from freshly baked goods. The stop itself resembles a rest stop more than anything, they sell regular convenience store items as well as pastries.

City: West

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