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British Columbia

This grocer is good for most of your Indian and Mexican ingredient needs. They stock a wide variety of lentils, curry leaves, paneer, and Indian spices as well as masa harina, fresh masa, fresh tortillas, crema fresca, queso fresco and other Mexican cheeses. They also have groceries  from Guatemala, Argentina, and Paraguay amongst others. 

City: Vancouver


A store combining a Spanish grocery shop with a selection of Spanish books and magazines. They have an extensive selection of groceries and ingredients from Spain, Argentina and Uraguay. If  you are looking for from chorizo, cold cuts and cheeses from Spain to the works of Lorca and Neruda, through a variety of Yerba Mate from Argentina, Dulce de Leche, Turrones, Espadrilles made by hand in La Rioja or castanets this is the store for you! They also have an online shop. Web site.

City: Momtreal

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