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Business Description: 

Vorrei is a family-run online food retailer, specialising in bringing the culture of great tasting, authentic and healthy Italian food to the UK. All of Vorrei's products are ethically sourced from small-scale farms and family businesses. Vorrei is an ardent supporter of the Slow Food Movement. Some 60% of their range is organic and their products are not packed with preservatives, artificial colours or flavour enhancers. Even better, because they deal directly with our suppliers, they are able to match their quality with great prices.They sell Italian food that is good for our customers, good for the people who grow it and good for the environment. Vorrei (http://www.vorrei.co.uk) is not simply an online Italian food shop.

Theyaim to pass on our knowledge of the culture of real Italian food through sharing their recipes and through our blog. They also aim to provide our customers with a wealth of information about the products they are buying, how they have been produced and by whom. This enables them to make an informed choice about the food that they are buying with no misleading advertising. Their product range has genuine provenance and is complemented by traditional Italian recipes, often suggested by their suppliers or passed down through their extended Italian family.

Chroma House, Shire Hill
Saffron Walden
CB11 3AQ
United Kingdom
07847 832769
Cuisine From: 
United Kingdom
Special Diets : 
Gluten Free
Type of Business: 
Market - General
Special Interest: 
Wine Beer Spirits
Organic Food
British Groceries
Candies Sweets Chocolate Cookies
Coffee and Tea
Gift Baskets