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An unassuming little Russian Deli/ grocery store, filled with interesting and unusual Russian imported foods and a deli counter stocked with fresh homemade meats, salads, dips and other treats. This is a fantastic, hidden, gourmet Russian deli, filled to the brim with glass cases and trays of stuffed cabbage, filets of fish, pickles, tomatoes, beets, onion salads, cous-cous, rices, beef and rice, breads, cheese filled blintzes, eggplant salads, cakes, refrigerators full of yogurt, sour cream, milk, butter, many from Russia, and many shelves of Russian products such as baby food, oatmeal, cookies, jams and jellies and honey.

4818 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village
Los Angeles, CA 91607
United States
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