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Business Description: 

 This store has selection of grains, pulses, flakes, flours, herbs, spices, fruit chips, raisins, seeds, powders, cereals, sugars and tisanes.They stock tons of unusual ingredients.all kinds of flours, nuts, dried fruits and pulses, sugar, cocoa powder, spices, snacks, chocolate, meals and pastes, extracts and emulsions, oils and vinegars, exotic meats, cheeses, produce, baking ingredients galore. Ethnic specialty foods: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Mexican, etc. The selection of gluten-free flours and alternatives is amazing andlots of organic meats, cheese, produce and dairy. Web site.

1595 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 2R8
(604) 872-3019
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Special Diets : 
Gluten Free