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Business Description: 

The store has an outstanding selection of candies/lollies, cake decorating. party supplies and more. The folks at Candy Bar Sydney love a good party! In fact, exploring their sugar-coated world online is a bit like entering a parallel party universe, a recipe for awesomeness where the ingredients are ready and waiting and all you have to do is add your guests.

Candy Bar Sydney pays tribute to your inner child with our wondrous and ever-changing array of tongue-tingling, mouth-melting, eye-catching candy in all different shapes, colours, and textures. Alongside their candy utopia is an impressive collection of party decorations, bursting at the seams with themed and colour-coordinated party supplies


Unit 5 / 9 Stanley Street
Sydney NSW 2210
(02) 8502 9914
Cuisine From: 
Australia and Pacific
Special Interest: 
Candies Sweets Chocolate Cookies