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Business Description: 

Arzum Market is a Turkish convenience store that sells most Turkish goods. They sell spices, cheese, bulgur, rice, jams, tea, coffee, turkish salami and unique desserts.

What makes Arzum unique is the “Bakkal” approach of the store-owners, that-is; you can either go and browse and collect what you want or ask the friendly store owner to bring you items on your shopping list; he would ask you what you are going to use it for or make recommendations while bringing your items. Of course, on a busy day this might be a bit tricky to do as this joint is quite popular among Turkish community.


61 Rawson Street
Sydney NSW 2144
02) 9649 9327
Cuisine From: 
Europe Mediterranean
Type of Business: 
Special Interest: 
Candies Sweets Chocolate Cookies
Coffee and Tea
Appliances and Cookware