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Don't just DREAM visit our guide to the best travel and tour sites for enjoying local cuisines.....authentic food and drink, from gourmet, festive to traditional every day meals.

In addition we have selected the best travel and tour companies for every budget and special interest including adventure, gourmet, under 35's, city tours, wine and food and much more.

Their itineraries are innovative and each trip has been thoroughly researched. They have an intimate knowledge of their tours  personally check all the details, which will make your travel special. They offer tours to Uzbekistan; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Turkmenistan; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Armenia and Tajikistan.

Location: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia
Type of Travel: Adventure

Their Armenia culinary tour is a gourmet discovery focusing on flavorful traditional and modern Armenian recipes and is designed for cooking adventure enthusiasts. You will travel to the South and North of the country where your hands-on Armenian cooking classes will combine regional gastronomic specialities with excursions to interesting historical sites and cultural experiences. You will savor Armenian food and wine and make traditional dishes with locals in an exclusive group limited to 6 participants only.

Location: Armenia
Type of Travel: Gourmet

This company offers an exciting range of tours including the popular 10 day food and wine tour of Armenia and Georgia.

Location: Armenia, Georgia
Type of Travel: Food and Wine

If you are interested in tasting healthy organic food, high quality brandy and different types of wine, then you will have made the right choice booking this tour. Visit site for more details.

Location: Armenia
Type of Travel: Local Food

This site specialises in adventure tours and has a good range including "Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia – Across The Caucasus" and Iran

Location: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran
Type of Travel: Adventure

Food Tours and Travel - Armenia

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