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Your guide to the best  Australian online stores for home delivered Food, Prepared Meals and Groceries.

To help you we have provided extra information including if the meals are: Fresh; Frozen, Calorie Controlled, Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, Vegan/Vegetarian, Fast Food, Gourmet AND a special category "Naughty but Nice" for lovers of Donuts, Cakes and Baked Goodies.

Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Diabetic

GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, they surprise you with 6-10 clean eats the world is going nuts about. Think the newest superfoods, wholefood bars to eat on the go, nut butters, kale chips, coconut oil, herbal teas, raw chocolates, natural protein powders or gluten-free cereals – and that’s just an idea of what you might get.

The box is all about discovery, so they don’t tell you what you’re going to get to try each month – but they promise that it’ll be natural, GMO-free, and de-lish. They’re also passionate about getting people back in the kitchen, so they give you plenty of recipes and ideas for using the new ingredients and goodies in your box.

Delivery: Australia
Fresh Meals

Lite n' Easy delivers great tasting, healthy meals that make it easy to lose weight and manage your weight. It's also a convenient solution for time-poor people who are too busy to shop or cook every day. Whatever your motivation, they're confident Lite n' Easy will work for you.

How it works - Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and more, they prepare all of your meals for you.

Developed by professionals - Their Dietitians ensure your meals are nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned

Prepared by their chefs - Over 100 meal choices for you to enjoy. Great variety and great taste, the perfect recipe for your success.

Easy to order & home delivered - Ordering Lite n' Easy takes minutes and they deliver your meals to your home or work in a sealed esky.

Delivery: Australia
Calorie Controlled Meals

The Healthy Mummy empowers Mums to live a healthier life - whether they need help across pregnancy, weight loss, meal planning, exercise, kids’ nutrition, general health or healthy family recipes. They have meal-replacement shakes and smoothies which are are delicious and nutritious meal-replacement drinks

The company was founded in 2010 by, mum of two, Rhian Allen who is passionate about providing a solution and support network to help mums get healthy and to ensure products are breastfeeding friendly.

The Healthy Mummy has helped mums lose over 2,000,000kg and is recommended by 9/10 mums to their friends and is the biggest mums’ only health and weight loss community in the world. It has hundreds of thousands of mums all supporting each other on their journey towards living a healthier, happier and more confident life!

Delivery: Australia
Takeaway Meals

The lavish and delicious food on OzFoodHunter invites the hunger in you. All the food across Australia is just an order away. Thai, Indian, Japanese or American, Australian and Chinese, all types of delicacies are available with them as the biggest and the poshest to the smallest and the tiniest, all the restaurants are tagged with them. They love feeding ‘hungry tummies’, and thus they are available on web and app all the time. Just log on and make that hunger meet our food.

They are huge, they are delicious. They are spicy, they are sumptuous. They are easy, They are convenient. They are Hunger quenchers, They are the OzFoodHunter.

Delivery: Australia
Takeaway Meals

They are in the business of food. It’s at the heart of what they do and their restaurants do. Their mission is to make food delightfully personal by creating experiences that are full of joy.

So, what do you feel like? Choose the food you feel like, pay securely, and either get it delivered or pick it up yourself. If you want it, they’ve got it. Menulog is Australia’s largest online Food Delivery platform with features including: ability to ORDER FOOD ONLINE at 7000+ restaurants around Australia a quick and easy SEARCH to help YOU find your favourite restaurant the widest range of SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS ability to view most popular and top rated venues in our USER RATINGS section as voted by your peers.

Delivery: Australia
Gluten Free, Fresh Meals

Caveman Kitchen provides Australia with healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious meals. At Caveman Kitchen they don’t believe in fad diets or complicated fixes. They believe in whole and un-processed foods, no preservatives or ‘E’ numbers, and uber deliciousness all combined in one convenient, home delivered meal!

They will nourish the time poor. They have a food delivery service that doesn’t supply meals full of processed carbohydrates, added sugar, preservatives and ingredients you’ve never even heard of let alone know how to pronounce!

Delivery: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

When it comes to leading a healthy and active lifestyle nothing is more important than eating clean fresh food from a variety of different sources. Muscle Meals Direct takes all the hard work out of preparing food by providing freshly cooked meals that are portion controlled and cooked fresh each week. No cooking, no cleaning, no shopping. Delicious meals prepared fresh each week by their chefs and delivered locally to a gym, supplement store or direct to your Home.

These meals are designed to aid your long term health and fitness goals. They provide the nutrients to help you strip fat and add lean muscle. Muscle Meals are an ideal tool to allow you to concentrate on your training and recovery as they are perfect for anyone too busy to prepare, cook and eat clean fresh food all the time. Eating clean and healthy has never been so easy.

Delivery: Australia- Home delivery services in the Sydney Metro, Melbourne Central, Brisbane Metro,Adelaide Metro and Perth Metro areas.
Prepared Frozen Meals

dish’d is an online food store that offers an extensive menu of the most fabulous chef inspired dishes that are guaranteed to change the way you shop, cook and enjoy delicious food.

Their dishes are designed by culinary experts from around the world, using only the finest ingredients, expertly prepared and then snap frozen to guarantee their taste and nutritional integrity. Unlike your everyday frozen meal from the supermarket, all their dishes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, then snap-frozen to maintain flavour and nutritional value. Simply cook and enjoy in minutes .

Shop the menu online and then enjoy prompt next day delivery. To make the service even easier each order is carefully packed in dry ice, so you don’t even have to be home to receive your dish’d delivery.

Delivery: Australia (Sydney & Melbourne)
Fresh Meals

From humble origins, Meals in a Moment now services thousands of individuals, families and State Care Groups throughout Victoria. They provide Catering services for all events. High quality, home style. They offer High quality, home style meals delivered to your door AND a home shopping service for your convenience. They offer bread, milk, fruit juices, eggs and cereals.

Delivery: Melbourne CBD & suburbs
Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

They’re all about fresh, healthy, calorie-conscious food. Their perfectly portioned meals are designed to meet your nutritional needs, whilst still satisfying even the most discerning palate. 

These guys are all about healthy eating. There's a 10 day detox menu, a five-day cleanse program and a bunch of individual paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free meals all waiting to be delivered fresh to your home or office

All meals are high in protein, and contain the right balance of fibre, essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Our meal plans are also free from chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Delivery: Australia (See web site for details)
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals

Let Mel plan 5 quick, easy and nutritious dinners for you every week. She even writes your shopping lists! Save time, money and give your family nutritious and low preservative meals with all of the thinking done for you. Why not have all the fresh ingredients delivered to your door! Cooking healthy meals has never been simpler. You’ll save money too by not having to visit the supermarkets so often and the quality of the fresh ingredients won’t be beaten!

Delivery: Newcastle areas as well as the central coast!
Gourmet Meals, Prepared Frozen Meals

Gourmet meals, delivered to your door – tasty, healthy + convenient. Have their delicious gourmet dinners delivered to your door. They cook everything from scratch start with finding the finest produce, sourced from local and trusted suppliers. If you read their labels you’ll see there are no preservatives, additives or genetically modified anything here. Just fresh, natural ingredients, imagination and epicurean expertise.

Their chefs simmer, sauté and add their own little bit of cooking magic to every meal. Your meals are then served and flash frozen to lock in all the goodness and flavour. All you need to do is heat and eat.

Delivery: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra + the coastal cities of NSW + QLD).
Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Diabetic

Choice Fresh Meals is Victoria’s foremost home meal delivery service and was one of the first to cater for the home delivery meal segment. We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our meals and have approximately 4,000 satisfied customers.

They provide a total meal solution for: •Seniors who need a meal service to allow them to remain independent •Busy professionals who don’t have the time to prepare nourishing food •People with an illness who are unable to cook for themselves

Delivery: Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.
Fresh Meals

ORDER ONLINE NOW FOR KOSHER MEALS AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS They can deliver special Kosher meals to your hotel or home in Sydney. Lewis’ Kitchen carries the highest standard of Orthodox Kosher certification which is called Glatt-kosher. This standard relates to all certified meats and specially-certified dairy products. (The most religious of Jews will not eat food cooked in a restaurant or hotel – or airline – unless the food has a reliable Orthodox certification, such as ours).

Delivery: Australia Sydney NSW
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Prepared Frozen Meals

If you are looking for a fabulous range of high quality meals for either weight loss or just having convenient healthy meals on hand then you’ll be pleased you have found them. They know the best way to maximize the nutrients in food is to buy the freshest of ingredients, cook the same day and snap freeze. That’s why they offer frozen food.

Simply choose from one of our cleanse + detox diets, 1200 calorie1500 calorie or 1800 calorie plans. Alternatively, you can just order individual meals.They also cater for vegetarians, offer gluten and wheat free meals, along with diabetic, dairy free and high protein options.

Delivery: Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Southern Highlands, Central Coast, Wollongong + Newcastle)
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic, Prepared Frozen Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

Their aim is to improve your health, weight and overall well being by providing a calorie controlled well balanced eating plan delivered to your door. At Nu Shape they specialise in nutritionally balanced calorie controlled weight loss programs to improve health and overall well being. Nu Shape follow all current nutritional guidelines and constantly review the latest scientific research into weight loss and weight maintenance to ensure you will lose weight the healthy way. Nu Shape Good Shape can help you lose weight the healthy way with a sensible eating plan that really works, 1200, 1500, 1800 calorie programs for 5 or 7 days. They also have Lunches & Dinners and Dinners-only services, delicious portion controlled meals delivered to your door, so so easy.

Delivery: Sydney Newcastle Central Coast Woolongong Canberra Melbourne
Prepared Frozen Meals

No shopping, no chopping, no mess, no stress — healthy whole food delivered to your door. All of Dineamic’s delicious meals are made by chefs — not machines — using nothing but the freshest ingredients. Fast to prepare, Dineamic meals will fuel you with the nutritional power experienced by athletes across Australia.

Dineamic was born from a vision well ahead of its time. Helping athletes achieve their sporting goals with a balanced diet.

Dineamic loves getting our Delicious Nutritious Fast Food to your doorstep. All Dineamic Food packages are delivered in frozen refrigerated vehicles. Should you not be home upon delivery of your Dineamic Food they advise their customers to leave a cooler chest at the front door. Their delivery Dineamo’s will place your meals in the cooler chest for you, but all Dineamic Food should be placed in your freezer or fridge shortly after delivery.

Delivery: Australia
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic, Prepared Frozen Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

Meals made with TLC are easy to order, perfectly proportioned and delivered direct to your door. The TLC range is delivered in a frozen state to use at your convenience. Each meal is a healthier, nutritious and mouthwatering solution for when you simply haven't got the time or means to cook. Perhaps you need assistance after an illness or injury? Whatever the reason - a meal made with TLC has everything that you need.

Their meals are: Healthier and tastier; Home-cooked taste; Packed with nutrition; Many meals include the Heart Foundation Tick; Compliant with Australian Diabetes Council Dietary and Special Nutrient Criteria; Gluten free. 

Delivery: Australia (t Sydney Metropolitan, Melbourne Metropolitan, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, NSW North Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Southern Highlands and NSW South Coast. )
Prepared Frozen Meals, Gluten Free, Vegan Vegetarian

My Dish are creators of home delivered meals that are not only delicious and healthy, but made with the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Are you looking for home delivered meals? Order today and My Dish can have a selection of chef prepared meals delivered to your home on the same or next business day! All My Dish meals are snap frozen, this process occurs immediately after cooking which serves to retain the meals natural flavours for longer periods of time. My Dish’s secret to quality, is simple; By using the freshest ingredients, making theirr own stocks and bases and using recipes that they have been honing for the last ten years.

Delivery: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and surrounding areas.
Vegan Vegetarian, Calorie Controlled Meals

Gluten free low calorie meals to aid weight loss

Their meals are pressure cooked using the freshest of ingredients, including locally sourced meat and veggies, and imported spices (the ones we don't grow in Australia. Their meals contain: NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS OR COLOURS. They don't require refrigeration and have a long shelf life . Every meal is less than 400 calories

Their range of low-calorie meals can help you lose weight quickly and keep you in control of your health. They offer 2 meals per day - breakfast & dinner OR breakfast & lunch. If you're on a calorie controlled diet you can rest assured that 2 FlavourSlim meals will be less than 800 calories per day - leaving you with around 700 calories each day to use as you choose. That means losing weight doesn't have to be boring anymore!

Delivery: Australia
Prepared Frozen Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

They have extensive experience in the provision of a nutritious home delivered frozen meal service straight from their well equipped kitchens to your door and a proven record in providing a personalised delivery service free of charge to the Perth metropolitan area.

They are committed to providing the best possible personal service, offering the highest standards and quality products to all of their customers. The offer no contract to their clients, you are free to come and go as you please. Their only requirement is simply a minimum order of no less than 5 meals. Of course you can choose to order weekly, fortnight or even monthly

Their meals are suitable for people who require low cholesterol, diabetic or vegetarian.

Delivery: West Australia- Perth; Rockingham & Mandurah areas fortnightly
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Prepared Frozen Meals

They make delicious home made meals & deliver direct to your home or office. They  source the freshest, local produce – Seasonal menu that includes pies, stews, casseroles, curries, soups, desserts and side dishes – Meals designed for the whole family to enjoy – All meals are ready to ‘heat & eat’ – Order meals ‘fresh’ or ‘frozen’ – High quality food, large quantities & easy on the budget – Flexible with all meals to cater for any dietary requirements

Delivery: Adelaide, Adelaide Hills & Murraylands.
Fresh Meals, Gourmet Meals

They are home grown Australian farmers and they represent and sell products from other like-minded farmers around Australia! Being from the land themselves they realise how hard it is to deliver good, wholesome organic meat from the farmers paddock to your plate- and especially and surprisingly to regional areas across Australia.

They were approached on countless occasions by other like-minded farmers who wanted “another way” to sell their meat and hence…Organic Meat Online was born! They have spent months attaining shipping and freight contracts that deliver Australia wide at a rate that wont break the bank (and still be on time!) and most importantly the meat is delivered fresh and cold to you!

Delivery: Australia
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals

They bring you a box of fresh, seasonal produce with matching recipes! Their delicious meals are tried and perfected in their test kitchen, have the tick from their nutritionist and take 20-45 minutes to cook and plate, perfect for your busy weekday. Let them do the run around and planning – all you have to do is cook!

Dinner Twist is committed to sourcing high quality produce. Their suppliers share their passion for excellent food and have been chosen for their ability to provide high quality, cost effective, fresh and delicious produce for their customers. It’s convenience  – with a conscience.

Delivery: West Australia- Perth/Fremantle
Vegan Vegetarian, Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

Well-balanced Precooked Meals Delivered Throughout Melbourne  Chef Good delivers wholesome readymade meals straight to your front door – at your workplace or your home. All you’ll need to do is serve and enjoy. The Chef Good meal plans are as far from boring as they are ridiculously convenient. They’ve been designed to offer you the most delicious and nutritious aspects of the world’s cuisines – all delivered at the click of a mouse button.

All of their premade meals have been designed by a team of chefs, nutritionists and dieticians so you’ll know you’re getting the right balance of all of the food groups. While their readymade meals are portion and calorie controlled, their plans are still flexible to make sure they fit in with your life – this isn’t about a fad diet taking over your life!

They also cater for vegetarians, and have designed a well-balanced package that’s perfect for non-meat eaters and ensures they’re getting all the vital vitamins and nutrients.

Delivery: Melbourne metro as well as other suburbs.
Vegan Vegetarian, Diabetic

Discover the delicious meal options they've created with fresh and nutritious meals - delivered to your door. With clearly marked carbohydrate and sugar content to help make meal time choice easierLiving with diabetes doesn't mean skimping on flavour.  Diabetic Food Online home deliver delicious, freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals to your door. Each of their meals clearly shows the carbohydrate and sugars in each quality meal so if you are managing diabetes they've made mealtime choices easier. 

Every recipe meets strict nutritional criteria to ensure you receive a nutritionally balanced meal that tastes delicious every single time. And they add to their menu every season to give you a variety of delicious meals. 

Delivery: Australia
Naughty but Nice, Gluten Free

They are bakers and wholesalers of delicious cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, birthday cakes, pies, muffins, slices and tarts. They deliver fresh daily produce to cafes, restaurants and catering businesses all over Perth. If you are not a wholesale customer we sell direct to the public also!

At The Cake Factory they pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients from the best producers in Perth and Australia. At our Perth based cake shop all of our cakes are made fresh daily and we guarantee freshness and quality of our products. Their products are handmade and our cheesecakes are the creamiest and smoothest cheesecakes you are likely to try anywhere in Perth. Their cake shop does not use cream substitutes like some of our competitors, they only use the freshest cream to make our quality products. They are confident you will not be disappointed.

Delivery: Deliveries for unlimited items are available in the Perth metro area for only $17.50
Fresh Meals

They're on a mission to create clean, nourishing and delicious food. Their modern Australian menu uses quality locally-sourced produce, prepared fresh to order. Try their wholesome all-day brekkies, a signature lunch bowl or a tasty raw treat. At THR1VE, theyalways offer real food, real fast. They aspire to be your first choice, not just the right choice, every day.

They're asked all the time what makes them different. It's simple. They have a total and unwavering commitment to supporting your quest to be the best version of you, based on a foundation of proven science. Whether you're dining in one of their restaurants, or ordering their fresh ready meals, you can rest easy knowing that your getting quality fresh ingredients.

Delivery: Australia
Naughty but Nice

Sydney Smash Cakes are an awesome alternative to an ordinary birthday cake. They are a chocolate dome decorated with chocolates, lollies and all things yummy and filled with mixed lollies. And then YOU have the pleasure of smashing your cake

SydneySmashCakes are the new exciting way to take your celebration to the next level. All their SmashCakes are hand made with top quality chocolate. They use no fondant!They use no icing! They use no frosting! They use no glazes. They DO use chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Their glue is chocolate and everything you see on their SydneySmashCakes are stuck on with chocolate.

Delivery: Australia
Naughty but Nice

Sydney's finest hand crafted donuts, delivered to you.The minimum order requirement is 9 donuts. With dozens of working flavours and new ideas constantly brewing they are confident that they have more than a few styles to tickle your pickle

Delivery: Sydney CBD & suburbs
Naughty but Nice

Doughnut Time specialise in hand-dipped doughnuts created in small batches for a big following. The doughnuts are crafted across multiple locations and are carefully designed to make you fall in love, with flavours spanning from the conventional (original glazed, salted caramel, jam and cream) right through to the unique (maple bacon, hibiscus and nerds). With multiple locations across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne (plus their beloved van constantly doing the rounds), it's always a good time to visit Doughnut Time!

Delivery: Australia
Naughty but Nice, Gluten Free

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop is your allergy friendly one stop shop. Everything in our bakery is 100% egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, cochineal & gelatine-free, as well as certified Kosher, with soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free, Fructose free & low gi options!

They believe in bringing awareness to what we put into our bodies in a positive way; & believe that anything you need in a recipe can be found in cruelty-free ways & made even better… Like their awesome baked goods!

Delivery: Sydney & suburbs
Prepared Frozen Meals, Gourmet Meals

Gourmet Meals is an Australian owned and family operated company based on the Gold Coast. First opening its doors in 1993, Gourmet Meals (originally known as Conessa) manufactures and distributes (home delivery to selected areas) well balanced, wholesome and great tasting snap frozen meals. The “Gourmet Meals” are prepared by professional chefs, using the finest and freshest ingredients. No longer do you need to worry about what to have for dinner each night; simply remove your Gourmet Meal from the freezer, heat and enjoy.

Gourmet Meals are also available in selected independent stores such as IGA's, Foodworks and Foodlands right around Australia.

Delivery: Australia
Naughty but Nice

They deliver delicious and beautifully packaged cupcakes Australia-wide! With a wonderful range of delicious flavours, they have the perfect gift for any occasion!

At Cupcakes Delivered they have a range of products to suit a variety of celebrations. Catering for every occasion. Also they hope to meet all of your event and corporate gifting needs with our premium selection of beautifully packaged cupcakes designed to make everyone smile

A portion of every cupcake sold is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help raise funds for the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

Delivery: Australia Wide
Naughty but Nice

Krispy Kreme Australia is proud of being the first country outside the U.S.A. to make the iconic Original Glazed Doughnuts. They’re proud that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made daily and so you’ll always know when we’re serving fresh and hot off the line.

What’s next? The sky’s the limit. With exciting new doughnut flavours always on the horizon, as well as fantastic new treats, like their new baked delights, anything is possible… Today their doughnuts continue to be made fresh daily, delivering delicious tastes and joyful experiences. Their doughnuts are available in any of their growing number of stores , in 7-Eleven stores and delivered to your home or office with their online delivery service.

Delivery: Australia
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

At Youfoodz, their mission is simple. They believe in freedom and they think people deserve more of it. They want people to experience a little more life and do more of what they love. By taking over the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, They save the average person up to 15 hours a week! That’s over a month or 760 hours a year that they save someone just like you, so what would you do with all that extra time?

You'll never eat frozen again. Fresh meals delivered to your door.

More importantly they’re not just food, Youfoodz is a lifestyle! So whether you’re trying to tone up for summer, maintain during winter or just want to have your food prep sorted for the convenience, they’ve got you covered with an exciting, ever-changing menu that will tick all the boxes from taste to nourishment.

Delivery: Brisbane Southside Gold Coast Toowoomba Sydney Metro Canberra Melbourne Metro Melbourne Provincial Melbourne Rural Adelaide
Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

Lean Meals provides healthy, portion-controlled meals for your whole family from children to elite athletes. YOU design your own meals, They deliver them to your door. Choose from ther meal suggestions or customize your own.Moderate your meal portion sizes. Maintain your ideal weight. Customize meals with servings of Meat, Carbs & Veg. Packages from 10 to 30 meals. 

They only use quality local ingredients. All meals are delivered fresh, not Frozen. Safe for pregnant Women and Children.

Delivery: Lean Meals Now Delivers To Major Cities in Queensland and New South Wales!
Naughty but Nice, Gluten Free

Cakes, patisserie & bakery goods delivered to offices & homes. They have an outstanding range of cakes including classics, cheese cakes, pavlovas, cup cakes, novelty, gluten free as well as accessories. They can also do novelty and logo printing.

Delivery: Free delivery to Sydney City, North Sydney and surrounding suburbs. They charge modest delivery fees outside this area
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Prepared Frozen Meals

My Goodness Organics is a wholefood meal delivery service operating in Melbourne providing organic ready made meals for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. They also offer cold pressed Juice Cleanses, Healthy Snacks & Desserts (even Bone Broth) all freshly made and delivered to your door. Their aim is to deliver food that tastes amazing and delivers massive vitamin & mineral punch!

They take care to ensure all of their produce is organic and locally sourced here in Victoria whenever possible. All of their meat is ethically sourced from Victoria, grass fed and of course, organic.

All of their products are 100% free of refined sugar, gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. They have done their absolute best to create menus that are adaptable for as many dietary choices as possible. As such Paleo Diet, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and I Quit Sugar individuals are well catered for with their tasty meals.

Delivery: Melbourne Metropolitan and a few Greater Metro areas.
Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

Their meals are completely customised and weighed - YOU choose your ingredients, quantities and portions! Sizes: Three (3) custom sizes available; Not frozen – always fresh and packed with nutrients; Heat-sealed microwavable containers; Minimum order; Six (6) meals per delivery.

Stop following cookie-cutter diet plans and getting mediocre results. Get a PERSONALISED plan and never look back

Don’t know what to order? No worries! Their Pro-Meal Builder will calculate the portions for you! Just fill in some basic info and your fitness goals, and their sophisticated fitness algorithm will work out an estimate of your requirements. It’s that simple!

Delivery: Australia (Sydney, Central Coast Canberra)
Naughty but Nice

The Buttercream Bakery, Sydney's coolest cake shop. Delivering 6 Days a week across Sydney since 2009.

Buttercream Bakery has been baking and delivering bespoke cakes, cupcakes, cake pops & cookies around Sydney. They specialise in buttercream creations – most notably their signature hand painted buttercream cakes. They also make custom cakes, wedding cakes and catering. Their buttercream flavours are constantly changing from matcha, cookie dough, chai to purple yam, they’re sure they have you covered!

Delivery: Sydney
Vegan Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Fresh Meals, Calorie Controlled Meals

They supply FRESH Gluten Free, Fructose Friendly, Vegetarian and Paleo Menu's Home Delivered. Their food is born from a passion for Clean Eating, cooking and the holistic well being. In addition they provide meals for Weight Loss Programmes with tasty  amazing calorie controlled dishes delivered to your door!

Their range includes Breakfast, lunch AND dinner options with no fillers.


Delivery: All inner and outer Metropolitan suburbs as far as Melton, Geelong, Peninsula, Somerton, Healesville, Point Cook and some regional areas.
Prepared Frozen Meals, Fresh Meals

Their aim is to take the stress out of preparing dinner and give you back your evenings. They cook for you in the same way they cook for their families - it's home cooking only better.

They have a weekly menu of fresh specials which goes up on the website each Monday. Subscribe and they'll email it to you each week with any other useful information, like holiday closures or special offers. As a general rule most of their fully cooked fresh dishes will have a best before date of 7 days from delivery. The frozen dinners will be good for 3-6 months in the freezer.

Delivery: Australia (Sydney-see web site for more info.)